SelfKey is a digital identity system based on the Etherium Blockchain technology. The company allows its users to manage, control and therefore truly own their digital identity. In a world where one can get electronic residencies, this product will provide a secure and instant way of buying financial services, residency, sign up for coin exchanges and even buy passports. In the following post, we have reviewed SelfKey’s Initial Coin Offering and its details.

What is SelfKey?

SelfKey offers multiple, digital services to its user. At launch, there will be over 250 products and services to choose from. Reaching from residency and citizenship by investment applications to company incorporation and more. SelfKey’s identity system is built on an open platform and exist of multiple major components, one of them being the SelfKey Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit and cherishes the principle of self-sovereign identity (SSID), a technology with the following functions:

  • Identity Wallet – through Key Tokens, users have the ability to securely access ID documents
  • SelfKey Marketplace – the marketplace offers digital services and products e.g. buying and storing physical gold, instant access on e-wallets or founding a company or LLC
  • The Key token – can be used to pay for all services in the marketplace and to notarize your identity documents

SelfKey provides the option of linked identities and multilevel verification for companies to easily and effortless set up subsidiaries and open bank accounts. All data and documents will be stored and encrypted on the user's device and will not be on a SelfKey server or on in the Blockchain. Until the user decides to share information, only they will have access to it.

Through these offered services, SelfKey puts its users in the center of an Identity Management Process, a concept that is called Self-Sovereign ID (SSID) and enables an ecosystem in where users can transfer value with the KEY token.

SelfKey ICO Details

SelfKey tokens called “KEY” (ERC-20) will launch on December 1st, 2017, the initial sales will run until December 15th.

The ICO distribution will be the following:

  • 33% Crowdsale – 3,299,999,670 KEY
  • 33% SelfKey Foundation (staff and business) – 3,299,999,670 KEY
  • 33% SelfKey Foundation (support and network) – 3,299,999,670 KEY
  • 1% legal costs – 99,999,990 KEY
  • Price of KEY: 0.015

The total raised capital for SelfKey lais at $ 2,000,000, at the moment the ICO is not tradeable on an exchange just yet.

Summary of SelfKey ICO

For all ICO’s that have been and will be released in the past and coming month, investment opportunities offered by SelfKey should be reviewed and studied carefully. Any investor should take the possibilities of loss into consideration before partaking in the ICO.


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