The use of Big Data analytics is fast becoming an essential tool for any business enterprise looking to have a competitive advantage in the market. The analytic trends thrive the most in our current tech world due to the different tactics we can employ to monitor the behaviors of consumers and the product delivery. The ability to make predictions and forecast future possibilities is now becoming more of reality. In the end, ventures could stand to gain the most due to the natural access to consumer trends.

However, there is a challenge with our current analytic services on the level of effectiveness and availability. As a result, the ability to extract consumer information is often a reserve for the big companies capable of acquiring and processing Big data. Fortunately, Blockchain technology is set to undo this as we are going to see in our review. The traditional strategies put to analyzing data could go extinct if the population goes in the direction of the next venture.

What Is SENNO?

Senno is a decentralized NEO-based blockchain network that will utilize the use of distributed sentiment analysis to have a real-time ecosystem made from crowd wisdom. The concept behind Seno is to make use of real-time sentiments and opinion through the use of blockchain technology rather than relying on past behavioral patterns to conclude future outcomes. As a result, individuals and companies will be able to tap into the analytics market and make precise expectations based on the real-time indications of the consumers

How SENNO Blockchain Sentiment Analysis & Decision Making Works

The Senno platform will provide access to its services through

  • An e-wallet- will allow for the exchange and transaction of SENNO tokens between users
  • Hardware management portal- the resource will allow for a steady Senno network
  • Senno marketplace- give developers the option of using new network plugins and features to earn the SENNO tokens.
  • SennoApps market- this portal will enable the users to search and download third-party applications on Senno's SDK.

The Senno SDK will have its implementation into the Senno platform as a real-time cryptocurrency sentiment analysis app with the ability to allow for the receiving of Buzz and Mood indicators. The CryptoScanner will facilitate the user interface module on the network, including access to Senno's NEO-based smart contracts and semantic content. Additionally, there is access to a decentralized cloud storage portal from where report analysis is available for viewing.

SENNO Benefits

As mentioned earlier, Big data is not a new technology in the industry, but the overhead costs have made it exclusive to few companies. However, the introduction of Senno network could bring massive changes on how organizations extract and handle consumer information. Here are the changes that could profit enterprises.

  • Better strategic planning due to in time consumer information
  • More enhanced trading systems based on better decision making
  • No use of customer surveys since Senno market provides a real-time study
  • More precise marketing campaigns

SENNO Conclusion

The world of analytics keeps evolving, and Senno is just one of the milestones along the path. The nature of big data could finally become more accessible to the general public thanks to Senno decentralizing the trade. The venture could indeed make a significant improvement in the quality of our customer analysis and market prediction in the future.

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