What Is Sense Protocol?

Sense Protocol is an Ethereum-based ERC20 coin. The token is said to be fastest, safest token in accordance to the industry standards. There is a new age of finances with cryptocurrency being the father of it all. Bitcoin started the new wave of digital money, Ethereum improved it like no one ever imagined. Along with the two biggest cryptocurrencies are hundreds of others, with brand-new ones popping up every day. The coins don’t just run on their own, there are dozens of other apps and software systems being used to store, manage, and exchange the multitude of tokens sweeping across the globe.

How Sense Protocol Ethereum Blockchain Cryptocurrency Works

One of the boldest claims made by sense is that it’s the safest & fastest token on the entire Ethereum Network. Sense Protocol uses the ERC-20 Standard token, a feat would make the token the best one there is. Operating on a decentralized network, Sense is ideal for using in conjunction with nearly every other token there is. But before getting to excited, there are some major red flags to pay attention to.

For one, the token has no social media presence at all. There is no LinkedIn, Telegram, Slack, Twitter, or Github. Sense doesn’t even have a Facebook page which is sad as can be. A platform database which Sense operates on will partition to particular records when it is hashed. Users own their own portion of the database, meaning they own their own data and records, which can be bought and sold at the owner’s discretion. Once a transaction has started, and uploaded to the Protocol System, the seller is in control of all parameters involved in the exchange.

Sense Protocol SENSE Token ICO Details

The token is an offset form of Ether, the coin used to fuel the Ethereum network. The token is a powerful virtual currency, one that is ideal for being used as IOUs, and can represent any type of tangible object used in the real-world. Sense Protocol is also ideal for being used to play online games, as well as making various applications work.

When you pay for the tokens on an exchange, Ether is used to complete the transactions. The deal is always in direct accordance to the token’s contract, the database on the network is then updated. The token is compatible with any Ethereum wallet, it can be used on exchanges at any time. Sense Protocol is ideal to be utilized with smart contracts to make transfers completely safe and secure. The ease of use makes Sense an extremely valuable currency in communities throughout the industry.

Who Is Behind Sense Protocol?

There are currently three people on the team, but not much information has been given on who they are. Like the rest of the platform, none of them have any personal social media accounts, therefore making Sense a very risky investment.

Sense Protocol Conclusion

Not all websites are created equal, Sense being one of the one’s that is questionable. In no way do I endorse or promote Sense, I actually advise against investing with the company. This is a very high risk investment, and until Sense Protocol provides more information about the team or company headquarters, avoid sending them any money unless you like losing it.


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