What Is Sentigraph?

Sentigraph is developing software that it claims can gauge the sentiment of tweets or other social media posts. The group is also releasing its own cryptocurrency, the EMOT token, which will be required to purchase its analyses, and can also be wagered in a binary option-style program. Sentigraph may have a very powerful product that could be of interest to marketers and sociologists alike, but the company needs to prove its bold claims and address several issues with its organization before it can make its mark.

Who Is Behind Sentigraph?

Sentigraph is the work of an eight-person international team, most of whom have software development backgrounds. The company's website provides no biographical information about the development team, but their LinkedIn pages reveal extensive experience with startups and programming. It's not clear where the company is headquartered; its legal address is a P.O. box in the Cayman Islands.

The project still has a very small audience on social media, and has received little coverage from online publications, but it is still very early in its development and will likely gain more attention as it continues to grow.

Sentigraph Emotional Volatility Prediction Technology

Sentigraph's primary offering is a set of proprietary algorithms that analyze social media users' sentiments. Its algorithm is currently capable of generating what it calls a “graph index” of a given text's emotional content; its main use so far is to compare social media hashtags' sentiment with their popularity. While Sentigraph is currently only testing its product on Twitter, it claims that it hopes to eventually turn its technology towards other social networks and even broader predictive tasks such as stock market analysis and crime prevention.

Users will also be able to invest EMOT tokens in what the company calls an Emotional Volatility Prediction, which is modeled after binary option investing. They will be asked to predict the sentiment that the algorithm will assign a post, and those who pick correctly will win the EMOT tokens of those who chose incorrectly. Binary options are tightly regulated or banned in some jurisdictions as a form of gambling, so the company should be careful to avoid legal challenges with this feature.

Sentigraph is currently available only as a prototype online platform, but its creators claim that Android and iOS apps are in development. The company doesn't provide a date for the launch of its full version, but its roadmap states that it will be complete by late 2018. The company has laid out ambitious plans for the coming years, including strategic partnerships with major companies, charitable campaigns, and international expansion.

Sentigraph EMOT Token ICO Details

Sentigraph's EMOT tokens will be required to purchase the service. The tokens will apparently not be traded on public exchanges; they can only be bought during the ICO or from an “in-app vault.” The vault will be constantly replenished with tokens spent by customers.

During the ICO, one Ethereum will buy 28,000 EMOT tokens. A total of one billion EMOT tokens will be created, and 600,000,000 of them will be sold to the public. Oddly, neither the company's website nor its whitepaper provide an actual date for the ICO. While its roadmap states that it will take place in the first half of 2018, no further information is available.

Sentigraph Conclusion

Sentigraph presents a very interesting idea, but its software will require thorough testing to determine whether it's as powerful as its creators claim, and whether it has any serious commercial potential. The company also leaves itself vulnerable to legal challenges on at least two fronts: it makes no mention of anti-money laundering measures during its ICO, and its binary option wagering is banned in many areas. It's also very odd that company provides so little information about its ICO; nonetheless, investors interested in the EMOT token should only purchase it if they intend to use it, since they will not be able to sell the currency on public exchanges. Sentigraph may have a truly innovative product on its hands, but it needs to both communicate more clearly about itself and make sure it can operate in a comfortable legal environment.

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