Serve A Blockchain Logistics Company That Aims At Last Mile Service

Logistics is defined as “the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies”. Blockchain technology provides a perfect solution for coordinating complex operations amongst numerous constituents.

About Serve Token

Serve, a blockchain logistics company is developing a blockchain protocol aimed at last mile delivery and decentralizing distribution of all services. By enabling on-demand delivery of any product or service, Serve plans to cut costly transaction fees up to 40 percent by removing the middleman.

Founded in 2018, Serve not only cuts costs for logistics companies, it also opens up opportunities for small vendors and independent service providers by not requiring them to be restricted to any particular third-party service platform. With Serve, a delivery driver can deliver food, offer rideshare, and deliver a package all through one platform. This enables users to access every driver, every restaurant, every product with lower costs, greater value and more convenient service.

With a decentralized protocol, Serve plans to improve the quality and efficiency of delivery services by enabling a transparent view into the supply chain and order process as well as by providing accountability supported by a community of incentivized users. This will be accomplished using Serve’s own software, the Serve Token, which will facilitate transactions and incentivize users to validate quality service during pickups and deliveries.

Serve plans to introduce its smart contracts, wallet, pilot program, and token ecosystem in a number of markets in the coming months.

Contrary to popular belief, Serve doesn’t intend to disrupt companies like Uber, Lyft, and Amazon.

Instead, they are empowering them. All of the big players are dealing with issues such as high driver turnover, trust and transparency in the transactions, and the high cost of onboarding drivers. By creating a decentralized global workforce, these large players can connect to Serve and start benefiting from reduced advertising, no turnover, and no cost of onboarding drivers. Since drivers are required to stake tokens and users are given the ability to review verified transactions, all enterprises, regardless of size, can have the same level of confidence in the global workforce.

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