What Is ServerCube?

ServerCube is a still in-development decentralized datacenter that has aspirations to become the largest decentralized cloud-computing system in the world by harnessing blockchain-based technologies. The key to the company’s strategy is to distribute physical ServerCube computers to investors and then reward those investors monetarily through its SC Coin cryptocurrency.

ServerCube is currently holding a private coin sale to fund development. A public ICO is expected later this year as well.

Who Is Behind ServerCube?

ServerCube, officially founded in January of 2018, is based in the greater New York City area. Its CEO is Sunil G. Singh, a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who has also been the CEO of healthcare IT consultancy DBMS Consulting since 1997.

Other executives for ServerCube include Blockchain Architect Advisor Jesse Brown and Marketing Director Kelly O’Brien. Active in the United States, ServerCube also has plans to establish operations in India and Turkey as well.

How ServerCube High Performance Crypto Server Mining Works

ServerCube is developing a unique approach to decentralized computing that involves the creation of small but powerful minicomputers that can then be hosted in private homes, businesses, schools, churches, or libraries and that would form a linked network of servers that offer time to consumers in need of computing power. ServerCube hosts — individuals or organizations that agree to house one of these devices — are provided the unit for free and are compensated either by having ServerCube pay for their monthly electric bill or by having ServerCube provide free Wi-Fi access.

Once ServerCube has a solid network of hosts across the world, the plan is to provide access to that network on a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) model. Those interested in gaining access to the ServerCube network’s computing power buys access through the company’s proprietary SC Coin cryptocurrency and can then use the network for any task they wish, whether it be using the network to mine a cryptocurrency of their choice, use the computing power to run academic science experiments, or anything else the user desires.

Additionally, ServerCube has plans to replace SC Devices periodically with new technology, taking the older but still serviceable devices and providing them to their not-for-profit arm to provide free computing power to charities such as FoldingCoin.

ServerCube Coin ICO Details

In order to finance the development of the company — mainly for the purchase of parts and the assembly of ServerCube devices, and then for the development of the BaaS software infrastructure — ServerCube has announced a private coin sale for its SC Coin. 20 million coins are available during this private sale, which continues until May 31, 2018.

There are some requirements for participating in the private sale. Minimum investment is set at $5,000 per investor in the hopes to raise a minimum of $1.5 million USD. Maximum target for the private sale is capped at $5 million USD. Investors can purchase SC Coin using BTC, BCH, ETH, or LTC.

Price per coin during this private sale is variable, beginning at the equivalent of $0.80 USD per coin for the first 2000 coins sold and then increasing over time to a possible maximum of $1.60 per coin. ServerCube estimates that investors can expect an ROI of double their initial investment by the company’s third year in existence.

There is likely to be a public ICO sometime after the end of this private sale. However, it’s unclear when such a public ICO is scheduled to occur.

ServerCube Verdict

ServerCube certainly sounds like a disruptive company. With hosts being offered to have their electric bill paid or free Wi-Fi for housing an SC Device, this could lead to widespread adoption as a number of households around the world opt to become hosts for the cost savings alone, likely having a positive impact on low-income households. As far as an investment opportunity, with the private sale requiring a very high minimum $5,000 commitment, you might want to wait for the public ICO before pulling the trigger on this one.

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