What Is Sexolete Adult Crypto Token?

Sexolete is the first cryptocurrency that is used to develop sex with robots. The token sale is currently ongoing and you can register to claim a bonus of up to 450%. Once complete, Sexolete will be the world’s first platform on which users can rent ‘intelligent’ sex doll, test, and buy the latest technologies with the Xolo coin.

The platform will invest 10% of the money in research and development of the latest models of intelligent dolls. Over the next 10 years, at least one in every five people will have sex with robots. This implies that the demand is just huge.

Sexolete Xolo Coin ICO Details

The presale is important to distribute tokens, gain product development, promote awareness of the business, and to generate startup funds. During the presale, XOLO tokens will sell at a discounted price and they will be marked up during the crowdsale and platform launch. The developers have settled on a cap of 100 million XOLO tokens to be generated.

Xolo token contract will operate on Token Wizard. They will be compatible with ERC20 token standard and smart contracts on the Ethereum network, and verified by Etherscan.

The ICO start date is March 10, 2018 and ends on April 15, 2018. The number of tokens available is 100 million including those sold during the presale. Tokens reserved for the founder is 10 million, which is 10% of the total tokens.

Growth Of The Porn Industry

According to their white paper, “The increase in market cap has led to interest from a range of investors, both small and big. All of these investors are flocking to cryptocurrency similar to a modern-day gold rush. The rise of the altcoins, which are alternate coins (other than bitcoin, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.), have been responsible for an estimated $57 billion dollars increase in total market cap since Q4 2016, exponentially adding to the growth of the crypto-space.”

The Sexolete Platform

The sexolete platform will be responsible for a number of activities. As noted earlier, the company will spend a good deal of its revenue on research and development. As such, it will invest in researching and developing the best intelligent robots. Users of the platform will be able to:

  • Rent smart sex toys
  • Buy smart sex toys
  • Use the xolo coin in different online payments
  • Invest in robot research and development
  • Hire amazing team to assemble new and innovative robots

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