SGame Pro

What Is SgamePro?

The platform SGame Pro is designed as the first cryptocurrency based mobile game system that allows users the ability to mine crypto tokens and earn real money at the same time while playing video games.

How SgamePro Playing Games, Mine Crypto To Earn Money Works

Essentially this is the first mobile game aggregator that has been built on the blockchain, giving users the freedom to mine crypto tokens easily by playing the world’s most popular games. One of the biggest announcements made by the company is the partnership they’ve created with Pewdiepie, the world’s most successful YouTube star.

If you truly want to get involved in the video game-based platform, you can join them on Telegram as well as download and read the entire whitepaper on the company website. Not only that, butt that’s not all about SGame Pro which is powered by Eidoo and ICO Engine.

SgamePro SGM Token ICO Details

There is a whitelist on the company site you can get in on as well. The token name is the SGM or SGame Coin. The total sale of the tokens is set at 194.5mm as well as the private sale of 139.5 mm and a main sale of 55m. The main sale of the token will start at than end of June in 2018. The whitelist gives you the inside scoop on everything happening with the company, things like dates, stats, specials and numbers.

The issuer of the token is SGame SA a Swiss based company. And the symbol for the platform is the SGM, which runs on the ERC20 standard token platform used by Ethereum. The main sale of the company tokens starts in June of 2018 with a price in Chf that starts 10 days before the main token sale. There is also an exchange rate for ETH/CHF that will start 24hour before the ICO.

The primary currency used to run the platform is Ether, one of the required parts of the project is the KYC.

Token Distribution

  • Total Suppl: 350,000,000
  • Private Sales: 139,59,9999
  • Main Sale: 55,000,000
  • SGM Liquidity Reserve: 83,000,000
  • Kept by Issuer: 51,000,00
  • Kept By Founders: 15,000,000
  • Advisors & Founders: 15,000,00
  • Bounties % Airdrops: 6,500,000

Who Is Behind SgamePro?

At this point, there is a fairly large team on the website, and at this point it seems to be growing at a very fast rate.

SgamePro Conclusion

The company is designed to help players gain rewards with their brand-new token the SGM while the players play games to earn rewards for just playing. The games used aren’t generic games either, they’re some of the most popular games on the market. This mainly includes mobile games for the most part. Also, the SGM platform is basically the only way you can play the games is through the system itself.

Basically, the platform is the only way to handle a sol settlement or transaction is through the platform. You can learn more about the advanced new technology at the company website, where they have all the needed information to get started while choosing he games that are right for you.

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