SGV-G Technology

For the continuous evolution of the human race, both the planet and the human race need global energy resource to conduct all kinds of activities and satisfy their needs. Over the centuries, energy has been manipulated in different forms in the environment. From our ancestors' age to the modern day world energy has been tapped in a number of ways. Some have been harmful to the environment, polluting the same planet earth that has generously supplied us with these resources.

Take for instance oil, which when combusted to produce energy has led to the degradation of the environment. The planet earth has suffered pollution, and soon if the human race can’t love it enough to take care of it, Mother Nature will have no choice but to fight back.

For this reason, human beings have been forced to gain knowledge and insight into renewable energy. Studies and research have been conducted on ways of generating electricity from renewable processes that save the environment from degradation. Examples include mechanical movement through wind, tidal or hydroelectric dams and solar energy from solar radiation.

In short, planet earth has experienced the persistent problem of lack of a source of energy capable of delivering a resource that cannot be exhausted and has unequaled efficiency value.

And this is where SGV-G comes in.

What Is SGV-G?

SGV-G refers to the technology that will ensure continuous generation of energy throughout the year without any interruption. Created and developed by Dr. Wolfgang Weber Hill through the company Gigathor SA, the technology has been tested and calculations developed in Chile with satisfactory results.

The engineering developments have seen the delivery of a final result consisting of a vacuum motor capable of channeling an intermittent vacuum through a piston engine. This causes an imbalance between atmospheric pressure in our environment and gravity of the planet.

The SVG-G technology is copyrighted world over and is believed to be the best that exists in the renewable energy sector today.

How SGV-G Clean Energy Vacuum Generator Project Works

SGV-G creates a totally mobile power generation module mounted inside a container. The generation capacity of each SGV-G unit determines the size of the mobile unit. Demand for these units is growing globally due to their efficiency in generating electricity and suitability for all locations since unlike other power generators they do not need a large grid.

This a very versatile investment and investors could recoup benefits for many years as they earn income with their investments. Simply producing models for a demonstration in Germany alone provides the company with the opportunity to sell licenses from largescale countries. The dividends arising from the sale and payment of such licenses are distributed to investors.

The step by step configuration of the facilities is also an income generating activity, and with largescale purchase requests, incomes are bound to increase. Such configuration and other sales will see a rise in annual dividends for investors. Moreover, there is at least 5% royalty included in each license sold to a country that further boosts the dividends guaranteeing permanent annual income.

SGV-G Technology SGV Token ICO Details

SVG-G will issue SVG tokens during its ICO that runs from February 1, 2018 to March 1, 2019. The maximum number of the tokens allowed is capped at 222,385,185.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: SVG
  • EUR per SVG token EUR 5 Private Sale
  • EUR per SVG token EUR 7.5 Pre ICO
  • EUR per SVG token EUR 10 ICO

Token Distribution

The SVG tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 70% – factory
  • 10% – laboratory
  • 10% – founder team
  • 10% – intellectual property

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