Shangya Exchange's New York Times Square Ad 'Safest Digital Asset Exchange' Makes Debut on NASDAQ's Big Screen

Shangya Digital Asset Exchange Makes It Debut on NASDAQ's Big Screen in New York's Times Square.

Like a breakout movie star, Shangya Exchange, one of the most secure digital asset exchanges made its first appearance on the iconic NASDAQ's big screen in New York's Times Square at about 9 a.m. EST.

Making it to the big screen with the highest traffic volume in the world is considered a milestone for the Shangya Group’s company which is less than a year old.

Shangya Exchange, established in September 2017, is a digital asset trading platform that has grown rapidly abiding by the principle of taking the safety of users' assets as its first priority.

The company constantly optimizes the user experience and actively deploys the global market with a current user strength of 2 million, and the daily transaction volume is between 300 million to 400 million RMB.

Before The Big Screen Glory

Shangya kicked off operations by focusing on the legality of compliance and actively applying for licenses of every available country and starting internalization.

By March end 2018, Shangya Exchange received the digital asset trading license from the Cambodian government. Also, Australian Digital Asset Exchange (AUEC), funded by the Shangya Global Ecology Foundation, is expected to go live formally on June 21, Australian time. It is understood that Shangya's Taiwan branch office will open in July.

The company Is Not Slowing Down

Following a quick succession of successes, Shangya established the Shangya Global Ecology Foundation in early June of 2018 and officially launched the '36+N Super ode Project' which will provide a high quality ecosystem of ‘Technology+Resources' for all capitals, assets, and users coming to the Shangya platform.

According to the Mr. Zhang Li, the chairman of the Shangya Foundation, appearing on the NASDAQ's big screen is proof that by no longer worrying about the world and concentrating fully on their own business and doing solid work, they have had the opportunity to make amazing things happen.

The NASDAQ Landmark

Appearing on the NASDAQ's big screen is indeed a landmark achievement. Located at the heart of New York City's Times Square, the big screen has attracted competition among top brands such as Facebook, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other business giants. Indeed the big screen was once seen as a symbol of success and wealth. This time, it's Shangya's turn. On one hand, it declared to the world its original intention of being ‘The best digital asset trading platform with the most secure user experience in the world'. On the other hand, it shows the ambition of Shangya's strategic layout of the internationalization.

New Strides

At this moment of publication, there have been 9 super-nodes from across the world joining Shangya Ecology, such as the listed companies – The9 Limited, CWZ China Flowers AG, SMI CORPORATION, China Billion Resources Limited, and the famous blockchain investment agency such as Starwin Capital, Geekbeans Capital, Shenzhen Boeing Investment CO.,Ltd, blockchain professional technical team Loopring, Ziggurat Tech and so on. Through the Super Node project, Shangya has built an efficient ecosystem in terms of capital markets, technology reserves, and high-quality projects. This has laid a good foundation for Shangya to build the safest digital asset trading platform.

It is believed that Shangya which has such values will rise rapidly and constantly in the blockchain industry.

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