Shapeshift & Bitpay Integrate For Instant BTC BCH Trading Exchange

Trading cryptocurrencies was quite complex before the introduction of ShapeShift, the instant, account-free exchange. Now the popular ShapeShift service for shifting between crypto coin has been available on the Bitpay wallet.

With the new integration of Bitpay and ShapeShift, you will be able to shift between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin or vice versa whenever you want. There are many reasons why you might want to do this. For instance, you may prefer to hold all your digital assets in just one coin. Additionally, you may want to spread the risk by balancing your BTC and BCH holding equally.

Besides that, you may need BCH or BTC coins to make an online purchase. With this new integration, it will also be quite easy to trade more of the crypto-coin that you want. The announcement was made as part of a blog post released by Bitpay on Thursday, January 18.

About Bitpay

Bitpay, which is based in the US, was founded in 2011. This was at a time when Bitcoin was still in its infancy, and not many people had faith in it. However, the founders saw the potential that the crypto-coin held and they worked to bring it to the marketplace. With Bitcoin, the founders saw an opportunity to give the world a payment method that was fast, secure, and cheaper than the existing systems.

The idea behind Bitpay was to give traders an easy method for accepting Bitcoin payments. Today, the company is the largest processor of Bitcoin payments globally. Its services can be found on six continents across the globe. The seamless service that they created in 2011 is now used by hundreds of thousands of merchants and bitcoin owners in various industries.

Although Bitpay may have started with payment processing, they do not intend to stop there. They are currently working on a new project called Bitcore. This open source platform will help to power future applications of Bitcoin.

They even have a Bitpay Card that gives users of Bitcoin a fast and convenient way to convert their Bitcoin into dollars. They can then spend these funds anywhere that Visa is accepted.The future of Bitcoin looks bright, and Bitpay intends to be there for the ride. They will continue to create more services and tools to ensure the ecosystem matures.

Bitcoin Cash was created because of a hard fork of Bitcoin, and it was launched on August 1, 2017. The hard fork occurred in order to deal with the limitations that existed with Bitcoin such as the number of transactions possible per minute and other issues. Since it was launched, BCH has been adopted by most of the major exchanges in the world such as ShapeShift, Coinbase, Bitsamp, Kraken, and many others.

What is ShapeShift?

This is probably one of the fastest ways that exist to change between different crypto coins. It is a popular service, and the developers are constantly working to introduce new coins to the service. Its integration into Bitpay is part of its goal to create a mature ecosystem for crypto coin world.

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