What Is ShareLock?

ShareLock is a German blockchain company that promises to be in the center of the so-called Bicycling Revolution. Basically, the great idea that drives this company forward is peer-2-peer bicycle sharing.

There are many initiatives around the world in bicycle sharing, but this company wants to use the blockchain technology to make them go a step further. Clients of this company will be able to rent a bicycle anytime they want.

This company was created not only thinking about its business model but also as an alternative to the many problems that the world is facing today like pollution and excess of traffic.

With the P2P services platform offered by this company, you will be able to rent your bike or to rent one for you easily. The company is also producing its own bikes that it will use

How ShareLock Germany Bikesharing Crypto Coin Works

One of the most interesting features that you will find on ShareLock is the smart lock. By using the smart lock system on your bicycle, you will be able to ride it with more safety. This technology protects the object as soon as you get away from it, protecting it from stealing.

A special smart lock will be constructed on the wheels of the company’s bicycles and they will lock wherever someone that is not the user will try to use them. The locks will also make it easier for you to rent your bike because you will know that the person will not be able to use it after the time that was combined if it does not give you the object back.

The smart bicycles will also use GPS, so you will always be able to track them by using the company’s software. You will also never need to use any type of key you will be able to use your bicycle only by using your app.

If someone uses some tool like a hammer or a fire thrower to break your bike and take it away, the software will send you a message so you will always be aware of these things as soon as they are happening.

The products will be made 100% in Germany and they will be made with two goals in mind: to protect you at all times with all the features already stated and to be resistant to weather conditions like rain and snow, so you will be able to use your bike at any time without worried about how the weather will affect it.

ShareLock SHX Token ICO Details

The pre-Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the ShareLock will start on June 1. 375,000,000 SHX will be on sale. 5% of them will be sold in the pre-ICO and 95% in the main sale. The price of the token will change with time. It will start at $0.038 EUR at the pre-sale and it will raise its price until the final price of $0.5 EUR in the main sale.

ShareLock Conclusion

If you are a bicycle enthusiast, we are quite sure that you will be attracted to what this company is offering. There are not many blockchain companies with such a focus on cycling as ShareLock at this moment, so it can definitely be a good move to give this company a chance.


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