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Are you looking for a really great investment? There is such a variety of investments that you can easily make today in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market that is very easy to feel completely overwhelmed when you are looking for the right investment. The secret is that you have to know how to invest well and who are the companies behind the right investments.

Our blog’s reason to exist is to help you. Because of this, we constantly look for companies which can be great investments for our readers and review them. Today, our subject is a start-up company called Sharpay.

What is Sharpay SHRP ICO?

Sharpay is a start-up blockchain company that created a share button. With the use of this button, which can be embedded to any site, the user can get rewards for sharing content.

The objective of the company is to encourage users to share more content that they like using their product. To encourage them, they will be rewarded with tokens that can be used as currency on the company’s platform or traded as a cryptocurrency.

The objective of the company is to help site owners to get their content noticed while they give the users money which will be used on their site. This way, an ecosystem that will be profitable for everyone is created.

How Does Sharpay Work?

Basically, Sharpay will be used both by owners of sites and users which will consume the content. For owners, they can install the Sharpay button and customize its design, so it can be a perfect match for the site. Companies using Sharpay will be rewarded with more views because the users will share the content a lot more.

The users, on the other hand, will receive their rewards from Sharpay for sharing the content. With time, they will be more prone to share content because they will know that can receive rewards for doing this.

The Sharpay tokens will be used both by companies and users when they want to use the services of the company, so the company will profit this way. This way, companies can increase traffic and even the sales on their sites, users can be rewarded for sharing and Sharpay can get its profit.

Many sites are already connected to Sharpay: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and many others. The list is probably going to be bigger soon, as there are always new social media platforms appearing online.

How to Invest in Sharpay SHRP ICO?

To invest in Sharpay, you will have to buy the Sharpay SHRP ICO tokens of the company. You will be able to acquire tokens during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The pre-ICO has already started and it will continue until February 11 and the main sale will begin on March 1 and last until March 30.

Each token will cost 0.00003 ETH but can expect some discounts if you buy them soon. The company will buy the tokens back some time after the sale, so you can expect to see your investment turn into something valuable with time. Sharpay plans to buy the tokens back for at least 3 or 4 times their original price.

The Sharpay SHRP ICO Verdict

Is this the right investment for you? Probably it is. If you are a site owner, you will be able to use the services of this company to get more views on your site. This can be incredibly profitable, especially because you will be buying the tokens much cheaper now than you will be able to do in the future.

Because of this, it can be a good business opportunity to buy the tokens right now and start investing in the promotion of your own website. If you are not a site owner, you can also profit from buying the tokens. The company will buy them back for a greater price, so you will be able to reap the benefits if you invest right now.

Sharpay looks like a really solid and interesting investment for you. If you are interested in this company, go for it, as it could be a great investment.

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