Sharpay SHRP

About Sharpay SHRP

Sharpay is a share and multi-share feature designed for sites that have blockchain based rewards. These rewards are for those that promote content on these sites. By just one click, multi-sharing is a great opportunity to share content on numerous sites. Users earn rewards through sharing as well as clicks by other users on the links that have been shared.

Sharpay token will be floated into the market through an pre sale ICO scheduled for 11th Dec 2017 to 11th Feb 2018.

Sharpay SHRP ICO Details

Here are the details of the Sharpay ICO:

  • Pre-sale Dates – 11th Dec 2017 to 11th Feb 2018
  • Token price – 0.00003 ETH
  • Minimum purchase – 0.1 ETH
  • Bonus – 50% an additional 5% when buying over 50 ETH
  • Tokens up for sale – 80 million tokens
  • Token sale dates – 1st March 2018
  • Token price – 0.00003 ETH
  • Minimum purchase – 0.1 ETH
  • Bonus – 40%,30%,20%
  • Tokens for sale – 1.420 billion tokens

Timelines and Roadmap

The Sharpay idea started back in 2012 and has come a long way since its inception.  Here is a roadmap showing the journey:

  • 2012 – The idea is conceptualized and application for patents to Rospatent and EAPO.
  • 2013 – Obtaining the first patent from the Russian government and commencing of the developing the project.
  • 2014 – Testing the prototype through installing the multi-share button on various sites.
  • 2015 – Applying for the first patent in the USA and finalizing on the system.
  • 2016 – Beginning of adapting the project on the blockchain and further improving the concept.
  • 2017 – Launch of MVP, opening the international permit, priority for application in 152 countries, pre-sale, preparing for the token sale
  • 2018 – Token sale, withdrawing the tokens and placing them on international exchanges, developing the main function, promoting sales in Europe & Asia
  • 2019 – Launching of the blockchain, migrating the tokens to the blockchain, adapting the project to the requirements of regulators in the countries present, expanding the markets
  • 2020 – Obtaining national patents, implementing partnership programs with other websites, scaling of the project, active marketing and increasing sales

Sharpay SHRP Advantages

  • Increased conversions – This is through increased conversions on various social networks through the multi-sharing feature.
  • Increased traffick to sites that have the Sharpay feature due to ease of multi-sharing.
  • Increased KPI of sites – This is the increased number of active users, increased registrations as well as sales.
  • Usability – The increased possibility of gaining tokens both digital currency and cryptocurrency.

Sharpay’s Structure of Expenses

The funds involved in the token sale phase that goes on for 3 years will help accomplish the goals set out in the roadmap. For Sharpay, most of the expenditure will go to development and marketing.  To be specific, 33% will be allocated to development, 11% to staff, 39% to marketing & sales, 4 % to legal and costs of patents while 9% will be allocated to administrative costs.

With the continued dependence on social media by businesses to make sales, it will be interesting to see how the sharpay feature helps with this. More importantly, the patents and aggressive marketing will help validate their place on the blockchain.

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