Sharpe Capital

What Is Sharpe Capital?

Sharpe Capital(SHP) is a Financial Markets Protocol and Investment Platform, bringing together a multitude of novel innovations in smart contracts, quantitative trading, machine learning, linguistic analysis and artificial intelligence.

Financial markets are driven by two factors. The first is quantitative, that is that an asset’s market value is linked to its underlying economic fundamentals. The second is that prices are also driven by investor sentiment. Sharpe Capital's quantitative automated trading model aims to unite market forces in order to develop a truly robust portfolio management system that effectively hedges risk to provide risk-adjusted returns that consistently outperform the market.

Creation of such a system, that does not simply take advantage of short-term momentum in price action, opening and closing positions within minutes or even seconds, but rather, permit a sophisticated system of checks and balances, able to perceive of multiple potentialities as humans do and determine a level of confidence in a prediction and a position, is the guiding principle behind the project.

This is achieved by capturing the complex relationships between microeconomics asset data and its market value using state-of-the-art machine learning technology, with an ability to assess current market behavior as a whole. A measure of participant sentiment is obtained through a proof-of-stake and proof-of-reputation crowdsourcing system that rewards users for providing useful sentiment by making service fee payments in ETH, exchanging their insight for cryptocurrency.

The SHP token serves the role in providing to Sharpe Capital's proprietary sentiment data and trading platform, which utilizes SHP to charge fees for access to ‘off-chain’ cloud-based components, similar to the concept of ’gas’ on the Ethereum platform. A core component of the Sharpe Capital Financial Markets Protocol is the encrypted Trustless Ledger Service for investment and asset trading (TLS), implemented with an Ethereum smart contract.

Shp Token Allows Users To:

• Access the many services and APIs that comprise the Sharpe Capital investment platform, for the purpose of analysing and developing quantitative trading models, paying access fees using SHP.

• Create and vote on motions regarding the creation of new funds, capital allocation, service fee payments through our community governance structure.

• Earn service fees, distributed in ETH, in exchange for market sentiment toward global equities and blockchain assets, provided via our web and mobile applications.

A second token, SCD, is to be issued after the ICO pending regulatory approval. SCD reflects a novel financial instrument that couples the cryptocurrency market with global equities, including stocks, commodities, futures, and other financial instruments. Through public exchanges, SCD provides unprecedented liquidity while permitting participation in a global fund that is entirely trustless through the use of innovative public trading ledger technology that eliminates the possibility of undetected corruption at an institutional or individual level. SCD will be sold to all holders of SHP tokens on a 1-1 basis.

The Sharpe Capital Team

  • Lewis M. Barber – Co-founder and CEO
  • James A. Butler – Co-founder and COO
  • Israel Colomer – CTO
  • Dan Pilch – Cloud architect and systems engineer
  • Arthur Tayrac – Freelance UX/UI designer

Sharpe Capital ICO Details

  • Platform – Ethereum(ERC20)
  • Crowdsale start date – November 13, 2017
  • Hard cap – $20 million
  • Price per token – 0.0005 ETH

Sharpe Capital Verdict

Share Capital proposes an outstanding, professional presentation of its project purpose and roadmap. The whitepaper is one of the most exhaustive and thoroughgoing we've descried upon which is unsurprising given the presence of a linguistic anthropologist amidst their ranks. The project could do with better marketing. Highly recommended!

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