The market of Luxury rental cars in Dubai is a huge one with a lot of potential. Sheikh coin aims at bringing cryptocurrency into this market in order to tap into the potential of the most luxurious city in the world. Sheikh Coin also aims at using cryptocurrencies to help individuals in achieving their dreams of driving the best luxury cars.

What Is Sheikh Coin?

The sheikh coin is one the few cryptocurrencies that has an actual product behind it, which is the luxury cars. The sheikh coin will allow owners of the coin to be able to buy or rent cars using cryptocurrency. The coin owners will be able to rent any cars that have listed on the partner’s website. Some of the partners of the Sheikh Coin include Al Qalam Motors and Sheikh Deals.

How Sheikh Coin Luxury Car Rentals In Dubai Works

The platform will issue discounts when a car is rented. For example, the first 3000 customers will receive a 90% discount on the total amount they would have paid. A coin owner can only rent a car for a maximum of once a week and for a period that does not exceed a day, which allows more Sheikh Coin owners to enjoy renting of luxury cars.

The company is based in Dubai and this means that Sheikh Coin can only be used to trade in Dubai. However, in future the company is hoping to expand its renting business to other locations around the world.

Sheikh Coin Benefits

Physical Product:

In the current cryptocurrency market, Sheikh Coin is the only coin that provides a coin with a product. This eliminates the problem of owing coins, which can’t be used anywhere else.


Investing in the coin will automatically grant investor’s member in community that supports similar ideologies. This community will be the key that leads to the success of the coin.


The Sheikh Coin platform avails up to 300 different luxury cars that coin owners can choose from such as the Ferrari ITALIA 458 in case they want to rent one.

Experienced Team:

The team has a wide-ranging expertise and skills acquired over the 12 years that most of them have been in the car renting business. This vast experience will ensure that any investments made in form of purchasing of coins are well managed.

Lower Prices:

Investing in the Sheikh Coin will result in paying less during car renting, which is because of the discounts that it will offer. The first 3,000 customers will get 90% discount for each car rental. For example, if you are renting a car whose cost per day is $1000, using the sheikh coins you will pay $900, which is a 90% discount. The next 5,000 customers will get 75% discount while the rest will have 50% discount lifetime.

Sheikh Coin SHK Token ICO Details

The token for the coins is abbreviated as SHK. There are 10 million tokens currently on offer during their tokensale to potential investors. The Sheikh coins sell at a rate of 1000 SHK for 1ETH. The coins will also be available to fiat to partners, owners, and distributors in case there might be any coins that will not have been distributed after the token sale. Owners of the tokens will be members of a community that supports the idea of using cryptocurrencies to rent cars.

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