Royal Dutch Shell, the fifth largest oil and gas producer in the whole world, has recently decided to enter the blockchain game. Now, The Next Web’s Hard Fork has reported that the company is looking for graduates in science and technology courses who can provide it with a

“blockchain analysis”.

Basically, what Shell wants is to find people fresh off college who got new and interesting ideas about finding use cases for using the blockchain with oil and gas companies. You can find the page with the job description here. It is for

“blockchain analyst”.

In case you do not know what a blockchain analyst actually is, the job description affirms that the employee would be in charge of finding new ways of making the blockchain useful for the core business of the company: oil and gas, as well as their use in vehicles.

According to the page, the person selected will be responsible for the creation of the ideal use cases in the company and for its implementation and testing via pilot programs. The scope of the analyst is not focused solely on the blockchain, as some other decentralized technologies could also be used.

It will also be a responsibility of the person to take potential use cases which have already been tested and to “sell them” to the other departments of the company.

The graduates should have a background in either of these areas: artificial intelligence (AI), computer science (especially the blockchain tech) and mathematics. This will be a very good opportunity for people who just left college, have a great knowledge about the blockchain and are interested in entering this industry.

Shell Tries To Enter The Blockchain Market

Shell launched a blockchain platform in November last year and it looks like the company is set to start up even more blockchain businesses. The platform was focused on trading oil and will replace the centuries-old process that was being used before it.

It is also interesting that the company is choosing to give graduates a chance, probably because it is seeking to find out fresh ideas, so if you are a young graduate with a passion for the blockchain tech, this is your chance.

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