What Is ShelterDAO?

ShelterDAO is a project based on NEM blockchain technology that seeks to create and maintain cashless crypto hub communities around the world. The project also aims at empowering the pioneers who are the platform’s users to travel and connect with other pioneers worldwide by making it easy and secure to choose a travel destination. This will enable pioneers to interact and network with like minded people from around the globe.

ShelterDAO will create crypto hubs around the world that will implement cryptocurrencies. This will improve the adoption of cryptocurrencies in daily life transactions, as it will enable users to trade cryptocurrencies for goods and services. The crypto hubs will utilize blockchain technology in decentralizing guest information, development of cryptocurrency payment systems and securing information and the payment systems.

ShelterDAO Features

ShelterDAO has a booking platform, which enables users to access property and community dwellings owned by blockchain and managed using the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Registered members can use the platform to book shelter dwellings using the ShelterDAO’s utility token Shel Mosaic Token (SMT). Users who do not own the SMT tokens can also make bookings using the XEM cryptocurrency at current market rates.

The SMT tokens can also be used at ShelterDAO locations to access food, entertainment, lodging and any services offered. The tokens have an endless life therefore are indestructible. They are tradable for XEM at cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Changelly or Shapeshif.

ShelterDAO NEM Blockchain Crypto Community

The project will have cryptocurrency communities operating the on the NEM blockchain network and running as Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Each community will have Dwellings, retail spaces, restaurants and other various goods and services.

The community is integrated with the ShelterDAO wallet app that will enable the purchase of merchant products and services using cryptocurrencies that will result in a full cryptocurrency and cashless travel experience. The community’s payment system will utilize Smart contracts to confirm the reception of funds from the guests.

To construct the communities, the project will use a 3D construction printer and Nem blockchain technology. The printer ensures that the communities are built quickly in an eco-friendly structural method.

ShelterDAO Benefits


Users who purchase products and services in the crypto communities using the SMT tokens will receive discounts on the products and services.

Networking Opportunities:

Owning the Shel Mosaic Token will offer the owners with the opportunity to travel and explore any future ShelterDAO locations where they could network and connect with other token holders.

Conservation Of The Environment:

In efforts to preserve the environment and reduce global warming, the project will use the ecofriendly 3D printers to create the crypto communities.


With NEM blockchain technology, the project can create crypto communities quickly and securely with maximum customization and minimum system disruptions.

Faster And Secure Transactions:

Using the ShelterDAO wallet, anyone can send and receive shel, xem, and NEM Mosaics to their mobile devices from anywhere in the world within seconds. The wallet is fully encrypted to guarantee the security of a user’s fund.

ShelterDAO SHEL Mosiac Token ICO Details

Parameter Of The ICO

  • Token protocol: Mosaic
  • Mosaic token symbol: SHEL
  • Hard cap: 133,333,333
  • Soft cap: 20,000,000 xem
  • Sale date: June 1st, 2018

Allocation Of Funds

  • 75% – Land Development
  • 13% – Reserves
  • 9% – Founders and Team
  • 2% – Advisors
  • 1% – Advertising and Media

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