SHIFTMobility Releases CarCheck Pro For Smart Vehicle Inspections

SHIFTMobility, a multipurpose platform that has been created for the sole purpose of providing the automotive and connected car industry with blockchain-based essentials, has recently announced the launch of its CarCheck Pro.

According to the claims made, CarCheck Pro replaces automotive safety inspections, as it allows service centers to either add or obtain information related to one’s vehicle instantly. In particular, its VIN scanner and the use of blockchain technology are believed to be responsible for efficient results. Its simplicity has been greatly emphasized, as it allows the automotive industry to look up license plates by streaming through built-in libraries and following set instructions.

Consumers will also benefit from CarCheck Pro as it allows such businesses to instantly update them over email or text message. Most importantly, it can help the entire industry gain trust from its customers, while redefining the several existing roles within. Lastly, repair shops can supposedly keep its customers in the loop, as they have the ability to provide service recommendations and constant alerts that best fits one’s anticipations.

CarCheck Pro’s structure has been created on the SHIFTMobility Automotive Cloud Platform, one that significantly focuses on simplifying the ‘construction, integration and deployment of novel automotive solutions’. What makes this approach beneficial is the fact that is allows repair shops to automatically relocate inspection history, given that the ownership of vehicle changes.

According to the Director of Marketing, Elliott Schendel, CarCheck Pro is vital as it helps to resolve consumer doubts concerning the automotive repair industry. He further stresses the importance of informing consumers of all the essential details in the simplest and easy-to-understand matter.

Here are a few words he had to share: “When vehicle inspection reports are simple to create, easy to understand, secured by blockchain technology and can be delivered directly to the recipients preferred device, service centers can stimulate customer engagement and foster trust through transparency.”

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