What Is Shih Tzu SHT Coin?

SHT coin is a new ICO that runs on the Proof of Ownership Protocol or PoOP. You can join the SHT ICO at SHTCoin.com. And with the new proof of ownership Protocol, a new movement in blockchain consensus technology that will change the way things work with technology for the year of 2018. And with this platform, as they put it – if you got a problem with a digital asset, there is no touch, no see and no smell.

The platform has been developed by some of the best scientists at the Pekingese University, Shi TZU with the Prof of Ownership Protocol. And that is what brings the reality of the assets virtually to the table for the tokenization aspect. It’s a strong reality that is operating all over and is enabled via the blockchain-enabled confirmation of assets that is being held in real-life applications.

How Shih Tzu Works

The platform is the solution is the most important aspect there is, and completely normal in certain cultures. And the platform is designed to open new possibilities with the PoOP protocol. As they say it’s the wave of the future and there’s a possibility your Shiz TZU may not be able to swim at all so be careful.

Shih Tzu SHT Coin ICO Details

When the platform creates the token asset (Shit Tzu) and then keep the dog for seven years. You’ll get rewarded with an ultra-large bonus magnifier with a 14x guarantee. And if you call him a good boy, bring your dog a bone, or make him a stud and feed him, you get even more bonuses.

Shih Tzu Conclusion

So why would you want to discover the multitude of benefits of SHT Coin, and the lovable Shitty Shih Tzu Coin? Because the name is catchy and cool. Plus, the platform has backward compatibility, this is basically the investment platform the future has been waiting for and it’s supported by major exchanges like Mt. Gox. You can even get DOGE-SHT trading instantly paired. Basically, SHT Coin is the latest craze that everyone is going to love and appreciate in the cryptocurrency space.

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