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The first of many issues of Shonen Crypto has been released to the public, giving consumers an entertaining way to learn more information about cryptocurrency. The comic book is a manga-style piece that follows different characters as the reader learns more about these investment opportunities and more easily understands the different aspects of crypto.

According to the creator of the series, the plan is to roll out a new issue

“every three weeks or one month. Right now, there does not appear to be any other comic book series that puts such a high focus on the crypto world, which is presently available online. The creator’s goal is that he “would like people to read it at cafes or many crypto events.”

At the moment, the comic book only has a partial translation from Japanese to English. Along with this series, the creator claims that the concept of creating music and music videos inspired by the comic are already in the works.

To put together just the first issue, there were 10 different contributors. However, now that it will be an ongoing publication, this number has doubles. Creator Taro explained that there are people that work within their specialties to draw, gather more details, write songs, and produce videos. When describing his reasons for beginning this series at all, he said,

“I want everyone to know crypto and its potential. Recently, I feel that the number of active users of crypto is decreasing, and I often hear doubts about crypto.”

In an industry where many people are worried about being defrauded by this financial venture, Taro is understanding, but he also brings up the fact that this fear is not beneficial for crypto either. By using a typical comic book style to illustrate the benefits and functions of cryptocurrency, he hopes that a wider range of consumers can gain understanding. Part of his reasoning for using a comic book, rather than yet another article, is because the “masses usually don’t read such articles.”

The Six Parts Of The First Shonen Crypto Installment

In the first issue alone, there are six different parts. The first part, called Crypto Heroes, takes the lead character and his team through battles with fiat characters, who are USD, JPY, and EUR. However, the variety of characters will increase in the future.

During the second part, consumers learn about the goings-on of the Bitcoin world, alongside a character called Crypto-kun. This issue uses Crypto-kun to teach readers about the Mcafee Pump, Mt Gox, the Bitconnect Scam, and a glitch that had allowed consumers to get BTC for free.

The third part of the issue describes how masternodes work, what they are, and their lifecycle. It also offers readers advice on their potential investments.

In the fourth part, consumers get a little relief with a comedy portion of the issue, in which a schoolgirl learns about Bitcoin with her professor. However, this professor is constantly messing up, which is a perfect opportunity for the series to show the problems that consumers can run into with crypto, if they are not careful.

The fifth and sixth parts deal with studying BTCFX, DApps, and how smartphones can be used with crypto.

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