During World Economic Forum, participants selected ‘Blockchain’ as one of the core technologies to lead the era of the fourth industrial revolution. While it has grown enough to be called a technology of the future, it is true that blockchain is changing existing business processes and emerging as a new paradigm. The blockchain technology led to the creation of Bitcoin. While that was a major breakthrough in the history of our planet, bitcoin is not yet accepted universally as money in everyday life.

What Is ShopCorn?

‘Shopcorn' is the real economy-based encrypted coin and the first kind in the world to be mined while the users perform daily consumption. The revenue from the global consumption platform is allocated to the owners of Shopcorn in real time. In addition, it addresses the problem of not getting access to the electronic wallet when a user loses (forgets) a password.

ShopCorn Key Aspects

Here are the key strengths of the platform:

1. ‘Shopcorn' is the world's first encrypted coin based on the real economy. By providing contents on the web and through an application, it provides a global single consumption platform in which the users mine encrypted ‘Shopcorn’ coins while making ordinary consumption such as ordering pizza, going to movies, shopping, and visiting famous restaurants. When spending on the contents in cash, by credit card, or with recharged Bitcoin or Ethereum reaches a certain mining level, users can mine ‘Shopcorn'.

2. It is the world’s first coin system in which the revenue from the global single consumption platform is allotted in real time to its owners in the world.

3. ‘Shopcorn' protects the users’ valuable assets when their electronic wallets and passwords are lost. The existing encrypted currency cannot protect them because it is very difficult to get access to an electronic wallet when passwords and secret keys are lost.

Shopcorn platform is structured to process a central distribution system to mine Shopcorn, store it in an electronic wallet, and give it to its owner when the amount of consumption reaches a certain level of mining point. Therefore, when a user loses a password, he or she can access his or her electronic wallet after consenting the use of personal information and going through verification procedure. As a result, the users’ precious assets are protected in this system.

ShopCorn Encrypted Consumption-Based Mining Blockchain Features

  • Blockchain-based consumption platform: this is the key technology of the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Real-time distribution of dividends: consumers get their dividends in real time
  • Global single consumption platform: the platform supports multi-languages and connects the world consumers’ market with “global consumption platform.”

ShopCorn Conclusion

Having an interest in the concept and technology of ‘blockchain’, the Shopcorn team has carried out R&D activities to maximize the benefits of consumers in economic activities. Until now, all economic activities have been centered on producers (mainly giant multinational global corporations), and consumption by consumers has not been linked to their income. Being doubtful about it, they have kept asking questions and carried out researches.

If only everyday consumption can become income! Now, it is time to think of innovative ways. Therefore, they approached it with ‘blockchain spirit’.


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