“Your own currency is the trend of the future” is the motto with which Shopiblock is moving forward.

Shopiblock is a Swiss company who aspire to be the No. 1 decentralized SaaS provider and ecosystem on the blockchain. They enable every merchant to deploy their own merchant tokens, which can be exchanged for other merchant tokens through the SH/b decentralized exchange,

Shopiblock provides a platform that allows for the secure exchange of merchant products with cryptocurrencies and which enables low-cost cross-border payments and microtransactions. It is a system designed specifically to enable merchants to conveniently issue branded cryptocurrencies to a mass consumer audience. Discount coupons, loyalty points, and gift rewards will be tokenized.

About Shopiblock

Branded merchant tokens can be freely traded for SHB, a public cryptocurrency.

Their objective is to be appealing to the masses by maintaining a high reputation and being legally secure. They are even striving to increase user engagement and eliminating spam.

Features Of Shopiblock

  • Decentralized White-label SaaS Software: It is the first decentralized shop software as a service on the cryptocurrency market which can be used to create the ultimate decentralized business.
  • Launch your own token: They offer the best solution for launching a decentralized online store which has an option of generating their own token.
  • Shopiblock Exchange: Their in-house exchange will include all merchant tokens and be a full-feature cryptocurrency exchange that is built for the use of mass consumer audience.
  • Escrow Service: Shopiblock safeguards both buyers and sellers and is the first secure crypto payment method from a counterparty risk perspective.
  • Loyalty Customer Solution: Engaging loyalty programs like cashback is present to help retain customers and build a business. A business has the option to reward based on their own cryptocurrency.
  • Accept altcoins with existing POS solutions: Instant crypto checkout with easy to use cart plugins, invoice builder and an API with custom integrations are available.

Advantages Of Shopiblock

The SHB system offers the benefits to each of the following participants:

  • Merchants: They have the option of opening a blockchain store with own cryptocurrency or use an existing store to add their crypto payment gateway to accept cryptocurrencies. Merchants even get a crypto payment customer loyalty solution.
  • Users: By changing fiat in cryptocurrency via Shopiblock Exchange, users will be able to buy their favorite products in cryptocurrency. This platform reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party with a transparent ledger between buyer and merchant.
  • Brands: Brands increase loyalty and sales by improving their outreach with multiple store setups. They even help small businesses build a loyal customer base.

Shopiblock Token(SHB)

Shopiblock’s token will be ERC20 compatible and based on Ethereum blockchain. A total of 1 billion tokens will be sold in the following phases:

A maximum of 40 million SHB will be available for Airdrop, from 1st April to 15th April.

Pre-sale of the tokens will be done from 28th April to 25th May with a maximum supply of 100 million SHB. A minimum of $250 USD equivalent in crypto is required in this phase

A maximum of 400 million SHB will be issued from 1st June to 9th August with a minimum contribution of $10 USD equivalent in crypto can be made.

ETH, BTC and LTC are the only accepted cryptocurrency. All the unused tokens will be burnt.

25% of the funds raised will be used in digital marketing, 20% n the development of the platform, 15 % in team expansion, 15% on the existing team, 13% on the R&D and 10% of the funds will be used in day to day operations.

Shopiblock Conclusion

Although an attractive prospect, this journey will be a tough road ahead for Shopiblock because of a congested market and orthodoxical mindset of traditional brick and mortar stores.

You can find out more about them and their coin on their website .


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