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Reports on June 5th, 2018 in New York are saying the first universal shopper experience, ‘Shopin,’ said to deliver the most unique personal shopping experience of any retail service, including; website, applications, and stores using blockchain tech as well as AI and Machine Learning – announced a statement.

The official statement was on the significant of loss of ten million USD in tokens lost from one of its distributors by way of hackers. The resulting loss contained a variety of different tokens, including but not limited to Ethereum, Level Up, and Shopin’s own coin.

The theft, still in theory, took place early June between the 1st and the 3rd. It called for the immediate gathering of Japanese police reports, including a notorized affidavit detailing the events. The company also brought in one of the leading experts in the world on the specific focus of cryptocurrency forensics.

These experts were said to help lead the investigation, still ongoing, on how the hack took place as well as who committed the theft. The syndicate has also taken the proper steps to make the announced theft to their community.

“We are deeply saddened by this news and send our empathy to all of the Japanese members of our Shopin community who have been affected by this stressful news,” Stated Eran Eyal, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Shopin. “We were recently informed that the syndicate lead was not storing our tokens in a cold storage or hardware wallet and that it was clearly vulnerable to an attack. We have taken all immediate measures to have the incident investigated, and we remain hopeful that the informed authorities will be able to trace the trail of the hack.”

Shopin also released another statement on the topic, requesting that anyone affected by the theft, including those within the Shopin community, to please stay patient while the proper authorities complete the investigation on both continents where people where believed to be involved continues.

Also adding, that there have been comments left in the wallets where tokens where stolen to help notify the public as well as the wallet owner that people stole the Shopin Tokens.

“While Shopin is not responsible for this hack of a person's personal MEW wallet, we care very much and are here to help our Japanese participants,” continued Eyal. “We are investigating various solutions and some of our big funds and participants are advising us. We will keep you updated every step of the way.”

Shopin has also made a public statement on Telegram, notifying the public as well as asking for any help or advice where needed (@shopineverywhere).

“In difficult times like these, it's incredible to see an entire community rise up to help fellow participants enlist transparency,” Eyal stated. “The community as a whole has been working together to come up with innovative solutions to a terrible problem. This is something that would not be impossible without the paradigm shift that is the blockchain.”

More On Shopin

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Shopin, the platform acts as a universal shopper profile, meant to provide the most unique, personal shopping experience ever created. It includes several different apps, websites and retailers, where the experience is based on the personal shopping history of each user.

Shoppers are said to be in total control of their experience as well as their own personal data for the first time in history. With one of the major benefits of using Shopin being rewards for using the app given out in the form of cryptocurrency. The platform gives users back the power when shopping, thereby improving their overall personal experience. You can learn more about the app at the company website,

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  1. Did shopin hack themselves. The circumstances seem very suspect as to what happened.
    Wouldn’t it make sense if they didn’t raise as much as they initially reported.


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