What Is ShopperCoin?

ShopperCoin is a blockchain-based loyalty program that empowers brands and gives more value to customers. The ShopperCoin platform will be a complete ecosystem that utilizes the ShopperCoin token (SCO). Buyers are able to spend the SCO in any of the participating merchants’ shops once they receive them from sellers as a reward.

Most brands today spend a huge amount of time and resources to create loyalty programs. In most cases, the participation is usually quite low. Besides that, the ROI is usually quite low despite significant marketing expenses.

There is also the fact that the customers have to keep track of dozens of incentives programs, which have limited options for redemption. These programs offer no way to combine the points besides the fact that most of the points expire. ShopperCoin will solve all of these issues with a single platform that utilizes the unified SCO token.

The ShopperCoin Blockchain Loyalty & Cashback Crypto Ecosystem

ShopperCoin Wallet

It will be the primary way of holding the ShopperCoins. The wallet can be utilized to receive, send, share, gift or to redeem your coins. All the transactions occur is one simple app. A real-time dashboard shows you the balance, transaction history, and statements.

ShopperCoin App

This user-friendly app is designed for users on the go. The entire ecosystem is not just limited to the site; users can access the services on their tablets and phones. ‍‍‍‍‍‍

ShopperCoin RushHour

Merchants of all sizes can announce surprise sales during the slack hours for the SCO users. This could help to bring more traffic to their site by utilizing the geo-targeting capability.

ShopperCoin Bazaar

It is an exclusive offline marketplace for merchants and stores to show their products and services. Customers can then buy them using the ShopperCoin tokens. The developers of this project believe in the promotion of economic growth by assisting local artists, independent businesses, and communities to sell services and product to SCO users.

ShopperCoin Exchange

All activities that relate to the purchase, sale, and conversion of coins will occur here. The exchange makes it possible for other crypto holders to convert their coins to ShopperCoin. Merchants will also be able to trade their ShopperCoins for USD or other local currency.

ShopperCoin CryptoCash

This feature will make it possible for brands to offer a cashback service when a customer makes a purchase. A brand that offers cashback services will earn customer loyalty. With time, this could increase the sales of the brands.

ShopperCoin White Label

This service will let brands control 100% of the branding and messaging delivered via the loyalty program. Enterprises will be able to create a unique and independent coin. They can then determine that value and structure of the coin without the negative swings of the crypto market.

ShopperCoin SCO Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Priv‍‍‍ate Pre-sale: June 29 – July 20
  • Price: 1 SCO = 0.3‍‍‍5¢
  • Max: 20 Million‍‍‍ SCO
  • Pre-sale‍‍‍: August 1 – August 20
  • Price: 0.40‍‍‍¢
  • Max: 25‍‍‍ Million SCO
  • Whitelist‍‍‍ Pre-sale: September 1 – September 20
  • Price: 0.45‍‍‍¢
  • Max: 40‍‍‍ Million SCO
  • Crowdsale: October 1 – October 20
  • Price: 0.50¢
  • Max: ‍‍‍65‍‍‍ Million SCO

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