Show ICO is one of the most prominent series of events in Russia where blockchain-powered projects are given a platform to showcase their solutions, test their value propositions, receive an expert review, and entice prospective clients. Attendees to these events get first-hand information regarding the latest in the crypto space thanks to the speeches given by eminent authorities of the industry.

The primary objective of Show ICO is to assess and rank blockchain projects that are planning to conduct an initial coin offering. The projects are analyzed by a team of expert judges based on factors such as the solution, teams, market, investment appeal and readiness for KYC/AML.

After this evaluation, the participating projects are sorted as per their respective investment risk weighted index numbers and are then directed to a pipeline that is made accessible to potential investors.

The meetings are held regularly in the form of inaugurations as well as conventions. During these events, ICO projects get the chance to tap up investors, while investors have the opportunity to diversify their investments by investing in promising startups. Show ICO’s partners work to promote these upcoming brands by employing aggressive marketing and promotion tactics.

Ultimately, Show ICO aims to raise awareness about ICOs and Blockchain projects as a whole. Using an interactive and fun means, the roadshow series reaches the public directly, educating them on how these projects will impact their lives. For investors, it obviously provides an opportunity to assess startups. Moreover, traders also get a chance to evaluate the credibility and feasibility of a project, and whether it is worth hedging a bet on.

Advantages of Show ICO

Experienced Team

The Show ICO team is made up of experienced individuals with an in-depth knowledge and a keen eye for spotting promising startups and investment opportunities.

KYC/AML Scoring

After undergoing a verbal scoring through multi-cohort professional audit, ICOs which satisfy the experts are placed in the pipeline and ranks according to their attractiveness.

ICO International Projects

Show ICO roadshows attract blockchain projects from all over the world. Similarly, the show also appeals to the global investor community.

Effective Networking

During the Show ICO events project developers have the opportunity to interact directly with potential investors, and vice versa. By doing this they build networks, which are the basis of successful business partnerships.

ICOs Marketing Strategy

Using the pipeline, project teams can pitch their ideas and solutions to investors and the targeted users.

The Process of Getting to Show ICO

First Contact

Usually, the project initiates the contact by booking an appointment either online or offline.

Discussion and Planning

During the first meeting, the two parties deliberate on the partnership and plan on the key points which will be referenced during the series of roadshows.

Final Strategy

After designing a schedule, the next step involves the formalization of the deal through signing of a contract.


Here, the contract terms are put into practice.


Show ICO takes over the process and handles the remaining bits until a final report is ready.

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