It is often evident that the global system behind show business is more than opaque. While the content is often said to be great, the scenes involving the content creation are not pleasing. What we are not aware of is that the substance we consumer often undergoes a process we don't understand and only the significant stakeholder have the real facts. That often presents a chance for manipulation, and this is often present in the existing system.

Fortunately, the decentralized nature of blockchain technology will give participants in show business to explore a new channel that enhances the accountability of the whole production process regardless of the type of art. Here a blockchain venture with a similar plan to offer the opportunity for secure custody of show business through blockchain.

What Is Showcoin?

Showcoin is a cryptocurrency that will be put to use in a global platform for the, with the token acting as a representation of the world of show business. With the digital currency, the platform hopes to revamp the world of content creation and performances with the extending capabilities of the blockchain technology. Concurrently, the showing token could provide access to an international version for both content clients and contractors from all over the world and ultimately give them the chance to bypass the typical use of intermediaries.

ShowCoin Basics

  • the central decentralized platform, the Kto.TV will accommodate all the content creators from the different sectors plus the consumers looking for enjoyable content.
  • Show business community- a community-based infrastructure that will allow direct peer-to-peer coverage of the world's show business community
  • Information resources-the platform will also offer full coverage of the information sources of the various sector
  • Search and find an option for all the online stores, goods and products submitting anything related to the show business.

ShowCoin Benefits

  • Convenience for Showcoin token holders as they can easily access exclusive content using the token
  • Potential opportunities for artists and their creative work due to the readily available platform audience
  • The search option allows for a comfortable linking to the appropriate content through a quick feature.
  • Novice performers can also seek support for their content from the show business community and fans
  • The Showcoin token also goes beyond the language barrier as it will incorporate content creators and performance from all over the world

ShowCoin SHC Token ICO Details

About ShowCoin ICO On SHC:

  • Token Symbol: SHC
  • Token Sale Start: July, 2018
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 2000 SHC
  • Total Supply: 46 Million
  • Hard Cap: 2000 ETH

Who Can Use ShowCoin?

The platform will accommodate several categories of people within the show business sector. These are

  • Fashion industry- this will include models, stylists, designers and couturiers
  • Media industry-television and media professionals such as reporters, journalists, presenters, hosts, editors, and critics.
  • Film and cinema industry-actors, actresses, stuntmen, extras, voice-over actors and dubbing artists
  • Content consumers and fans interested in show business
  • Writing creativity performers such as poets, spoken-word artists and scriptwriters

ShowCoin Conclusion

Although Showcoin showcases potential in revolutionizing the show business with their cryptocurrency, I would still downplay the project for a couple of legitimate reasons. The most prominent challenge is the government regulation, but with such an industry, the main problem is to get the favorite content creators and works to their platform. Ultimately if they achieve that, the platform could become successful, but until then the idea has a far-from close show at having any impact on the show business.

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