What Is Shufti Pro?

The platform is a new system that is developed to help businesses and individuals-built trust with each other online. And the way it works is by making the verification of a person’s identification 100% accurate. You can verify users and on-screen identities in a real-time with Shufti Pro. Right now there is a free trial of the platform that you can download at any time on shuftipro.com.

How Shufti Pro KYC & AML Identity Verification For Cryptos Works

The platform is designed to be an all in one source for to find all your KYC and AML solutions. It’s a powerful platform that has a strong global presence and is quickly being used more and more all over the world. In fact, it’s being used by verification in more than 230 countries worldwide, with and more being verified every day.

Another major bonus of the Shufti Pro network is it has a majorly quick turn around time, with verifications happening in 60 seconds or less in most occurrences. They work hard to be one of the most secure platforms with 24/7 support for people all over the world.

The software has the power to use facial recognition for the purpose of security, and to help verify identities for the software. There is also name verification software that helps to protect from identity theft.

One of the other ways the system can verify an individual is through the validation of the birthdate of an individual as well verifying an individual’s address for the purpose of shipping, taxes and other reasons that require a stable address.

The platform is powerful enough to help weed through the countless people in the world who are committing fraud on a daily basis. Background checks for credit and criminal history is an important factor as well as looking at the expirations of the document expiry check.

The platform is designed to help you with data protection. At the same time always operating the system with full honesty and transparency. They make sure to always stay in full compliance with every government’s regulations and rules, to help ensure each user is safe while using the platform in their country.

Transparency is vital to the success for a company, and the customer data stored on the platform is only accessible by one way, through the Shufti Pro platform. And that helps to ensure the safety and security of the customers using the platform, so they can rest assured their personal information is never compromised.

Who Is Behind Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro has not disclosed any information on who is behind the platform. It’s supposedly a very real and legitimate business that has been registered in the UK, Latvia, and Sweden. I haven’t personally verified any of the addresses, but if you want to know for certain that it exists.

Shufti Pro Conclusion

The platform is designed to help individuals share data on a massive level. It’s also developed to help people all over the world be able to securely verify identities and other needed pieces of information. To learn more about Shuft Pro, head to the website at ShuftiPro.com and find out why this could be the platform that is ideal for you.

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