What Is Sidera?

Sidera blockchain technologies specialize in the production of decentralized wearable devices, which is a new way of storing and managing crypto. The devices are innovative and secure. For example, Bitsmart is one of the devices that embrace the DWD technology.

It is a fresh idea involving smart watches and smart bands. The technology focuses on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The idea behind these devices is to provide users with easy, handy, innovative, and secure method of managing the crypto environment.

Similarly, the wrist-to-wrist technology ensures that your digital funds are secure around your wrist with full encryption that allows for offline wrist-to-wrist transactions and a host of other innovative characteristics.

Sidera’s Unique Technology

Sidera offers a unique technology, being the first platform that makes it possible to store all your cryptocurrencies securely on your wrist. Besides, this happens in a safe and secure way.

Sidera aims at helping to create demand for new and old, as well as big and small cryptocurrencies. The platform focuses on attracting the consumer market using its unique technology.

Sidera Platform Pillars

Bitcoin/ERC-20 Wallet:

On the Sidera platform, your digital coins are stored off-chain on your wrist, with military grade, multi layered encryption.

Wrist-To-Wrist Proximity Transactions:

With their exclusive technology, users can send or receive various cryptocurrencies including EQS, BTC or any ERC-20 compatible token through the wrist-to-wrist offline transactions.

NFC POS Payments:

The platform has built Smartbit devices with NFC module, which allows users to spend their funds globally in any shop.

Dozens Of Features:

The platform is equipped with mobile notifications, auto-detect transaction address, ghost mode, customized watch faces, QR generator, price alerts, trading and many more.

Secure Anti-Theft System:

It is impossible to steal funds stored on the devices even if a user loses the private key or the device itself. With multi-layer security, users of these devices are covered.

Global, Scalable, And Fully Decentralized:

Bitsmart becomes the first hardware wallet that is wearable. It’s completely decentralized and secure, utilizing the blockchain technology.

The Sidera Blockchain Wearable Crypto Wallet Device

Continuum is the first physical and wearable exchange platform operating on the blockchain technology. In this platform, users don’t have to rely on any central authority because they can trade cryptocurrencies with peers in their wrists.

The Sidera blockchain uses a principle known as Intersect, which enables DApps, cryptographic functions, and transactions to coexist without draining the network. It also utilizes proof-of-load protocol that continuously measures the state of the network through the nodes.

This in turn delegates to the level of intelligent micro nodes, some operations that are suitable to lighten the blockchain instantly.

Finally, Sidera technology utilizes balancers, which validate transactions, receive network fees, and delegate the computational surplus to the micro nodes sublevel. Sidera will launch its public distribution on September 1 and conduct Bitsmart App Beta release in December 2018.

Sidera Project Team

The project founder and envisioner, Camillo Piscitelli is an entrepreneur, inventor, and cyber security advisor. He’s also an IT manager. To steer the Sidera community to progress, Piscitelli is surrounded by a bunch of experts in various fields.

Sidera eQUOS Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: eQUOS
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Token Price: 1$ = 0,5 EQUOS
  • ICO Date: August 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018
  • Soft Cap: $1.500.000 (if not reached, funds will be refunded)
  • Hard Cap: $15.000.000
  • Total Supply: 51.000.000 EQUOS

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