It is common knowledge that mobile connectivity is a significant factor in fueling economic activities and opportunities. However, the worldwide data on the smartphone connections shows the miserable state in which people can access these crucial services. Additionally, research shows that those with access to mobile data plans are either facing poor connectivity or having to walk distances just to buy another subscription.

Right now, the emerging trend that is blockchain technology is becoming useful in many sectors. As we will get to see, smartphone users can eliminate the barriers to accessing their mobile connection services by utilizing blockchain-based platforms to connect to airtime providers. Here a blockchain platform already on course to get you top-up for your connectivity straight to your mobile through cryptocurrency

What Is Siglo?

Siglo is a blockchain-based protocol that works on Ethereum to facilitate free access to smartphone connectivity for prepaid customers within the merging mobile markets. Their platform will offer the first of its kind connection to airtime sponsors who want to reward the subscribers through a decentralized mobile network. The use of blockchain technology will power the transfer of the airtime value between the users, brands, sponsors, and providers.

The concept of creating a scalable mobile connection solution will work under a layer of blockchain from where a pre-existing branch chain rewards data points to users in the form of Coin. Additionally, there is also the Siglo token which is the first token for the providers to use as a reward to their customers. By creating engagement between airtime sponsors, customers and the generating the tokens, Siglo will have played a significant role in expanding the platform to access current and new customer markets.

Siglo Digital Blockchain Finance Cryptocurrency Advantages

As the first airtime token to reward it consumers directly from the sponsors, Siglo will have addressed several challenges that often face mobile connectivity. They include

  • Efficiency- instead relying on inconsistent data plans and airtime reloads, Siglo token offers a faster and efficient way of acquiring the airtime you need for your connectivity.
  • Convenience- the high cost of the digital economy often raises the price we pay for our connectivity. Siglo is providing a much convenient method to get airtime at a much cheaper cost.
  • Liquidity- the Siglo token has an exchange value which applies to the Siglo apps including
  • Interactivity- the current system lacks a platform from where subscribers and their service providers can interact freely without constraints. Siglo is offering a two-tier system for communicating and rewarding the customers from their providers.

Does Siglo ICO Have Any Potential?

There are plenty of ICOs in the mobile industry, but few are offering what Siglo is offering. That makes the concept unique although not entirely. The challenge is that being novel is not a guarantee for success within Siglo. While they will accelerate mobile connectivity Siglo still has to overcome the regulations facing cryptocurrency and most importantly get airtime sponsors, brands and users to believe in their concept.

The Team Behind Siglo

As per the technical details, Siglo is a Gibraltar-based company with 14 employees from across six countries. The management comprises of highly-experienced IT, financial, legal, and marketing and tech professionals with a goal to improve the mobile connectivity of smartphone users. More details on the teams' background are available on their official whitepaper.

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