Signal Zero, Trendy's Dungeon Defenders to Use Blockchain Rewards System

The video game maker Trendy Entertainment, best known for its franchise ‘Dungeon Defenders', has partnered up with a blockchain startup Signal Zero. The partnership will provide a new rewards system for the next installation of the game franchise, with the rewards being based on the blockchain technology.

Blockchains have truly proven their ability to infiltrate every aspect of the modern world, which can obviously be seen from this latest development. Trendy Entertainment, which is known for its Dungeon Defenders, will implement a new ranking and rewards system for this franchise's next installation. The system will be based on blockchain technology, according to Drew Curby, the company's business development officer.

According to Curby, the new development came from the company's desire to make a profit from the free-to-play game, while the players are still treated fairly, and not forced to pay for various aspects of the game. The new system will generate rewards automatically via the series of smart contracts. To do that, Dungeon Defenders II will have a Loot blockchain integrated into the system.

This particular blockchain is currently still in development, and its creator is Signal Zero, hence the partnership between the companies. The interesting thing about this blockchain is that the games should not have an issue when it comes to handling its PoW algorithm. This is unique to this version of the blockchain, while any other would require some kind of graphics or central processing unit.

Tobias Batton, who is Signal Zero's founder and chief executive, has stated that this protocol will allow the players to play the game, while the special mathematical model will be measuring their skill. Then, they would receive rewards based on these measurements. Batton has called the system the “proof-of-activity”, and has stated that the gamers' skill and rank in various events would be able to win them new tokens.

Batton believes that this partnership will start a new trend of blockchain implementation in the new games. This system will literally allow players to earn cryptos in one game, and then redeem them in another. Alternatively, the players might even choose to purchase these rewards, without depending on the games themselves.

Batton also stated that this is something that the company wanted to release at the beginning of 2019. Such rewards system already exists for Xbox, Steam, or Amazon. The system lists several cryptos already, and the gamers may choose to trade the coins that they own for the ones that are offered.

Because of this, one of the goals is to make the Loot protocol compatible with ERC-20 tokens. Still, according to Curby, the entire process is still in the stage of a very early development, and there is a lot that the team still has to figure out, including how the entire concept will actually work within the game itself.

He said that the coming months will see a close partnership between the companies, so that they could make the most of the new project.

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