Signals, found online at, is a platform where users can create trading algorithms based on crowd-sourced wisdom. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Signals?

Signals describes itself as a “marketplace of data science powered signals for trading cryptocurrencies.” Signals has been in headlines this past week after announcing its token sale, which begins on November 22.

The goal of Signals is to use machine intelligence for human profit. To do that, Signals aims to democratize machine intelligence in the crypto trading industry. Any crypto trader armed with computational power and data science can make smarter and faster trading decisions. Signals aims to provide traders with a bounty of trading algorithms, ranging from traditional technical analysis to machine learning techniques.

Obviously, there are other platforms where you can build your own trading algorithms. Plus, anyone with computer programming skills can create their own algorithms without the need to rely on others. So what makes Signals different? The key benefit of Signals is that the entire platform is suitable for anyone – even those without any programming skills.

How Does Signals Work?

Signals lets you create algorithm-based trading strategies using a visual builder within the platform.

You don’t need any machine learning skills or computer programming knowledge to use that visual builder. You just choose from a variety of indicators, ranging from traditional technical analysis to deep learning or sentiment analysis based on media monitoring. You combine those strategies together to create a trading model on the platform.

There are a number of different ways to use the Signals platform. You can use it as a customer, creating your trading models by buying trading signals and algorithms from the marketplace. Or, if you’re a data scientist or programmer, then you can sell your data signals and trading systems on the marketplace.

Complete backtesting is available, letting you test your signals on various market conditions before you launch your signals on the marketplace.

Signals Features and Benefits

Here are some of the features and benefits that Signals aims to use to distinguish itself from other trading platforms:

No Programming Skills Needed:

Anyone can use the Signals visual strategy builder to easily create trading algorithms without any programming knowledge. Users can pick and combine indicators, ranging from traditional technical analysis to deep learning or sentiment analysis based on media monitoring.

Decentralized Supercomputer Power:

Signals is being built on top of other successful blockchain services. This is how the platform aims to offer cryptocurrency trading. “By integrating decentralized supercomputers we will be able to process big data computations in reasonable time while still making it affordable for common users,” explains the official website.

Crowd Sourced Wisdom:

Signals gives you a chance to use indicators driven by main blockchain-based prediction market platforms. This allows users to generate powerful trading strategies while improving those strategies with crowdsourced wisdom.

Test and Train your Model Without Spending Money:

Signals lets you connect your trading model to a cryptocurrency exchange, then backtest it using historical data. Signals has optimization algorithms and supportive analytics that help you find the best settings for your chosen strategy.

Choose from a Variety of Indicators:

Traders can choose from a variety of indicators to make their trading models, including traditional technical analysis, deep learning, sentiment analysis (based on media monitoring), and more. You can use one of these indicators, or combine all of them into a single trading model.

Sell Indicators on the Marketplace:

If you’re a developer or a data scientist, then you can develop new trading indicators from scratch and monetize your indicators by selling them on the Signals marketplace.

Share and Monetize Your Own Trading Strategy:

After you’ve created your own trading strategy, based on whatever unique indicators you like, you can launch it onto the Signals marketplace. Once it’s on the marketplace, anyone can copy your strategy.

Copy Other Strategies:

If you don’t want to sell your own strategy on the marketplace, then you can also discover and copy trade the most successful strategies from other traders in the Signals community.

The Signals Community:

You can chat with other members of the Signals community to build your trading models, chat with others, and monitor trading activity.

Who’s Behind Signals?

Signals was created by a team of 20+ machine learning, blockchain, and trading experts along with developers and growth hackers experienced with enterprise solutions.

Core members of the team include Pavel Nemec (CEO and Co-Founder), an experienced algorithmic crypto trader and Pavel Volek (CTO and Co-Founder), a software architect and front-end developer.

The Signals Token Sale

The Signals platform revolves around the use of SGN tokens. The pre-sale for SGN tokens begins on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 14:00 UTC.

SGN tokens are ERC20 tokens built on Ethereum. As an SGN token holder, you can assemble your own crypto trading model based on premium indicators available on the Signals platform.

There’s a total supply of 150 million SGN Tokens. 75 million (50%) are being offered in two phases of the token sale. 2 million are available during the pre-sale (at a 30% discount), with a funding goal of $0.5 million.

In December, 73 million tokens will be available in a public crowdsale. The sale has a soft cap of $2 million and a hard cap of $24.5 million.

Of the remaining total supply, 18% is going to a company reserve, 20% to the community, 10% to advisors and partners, and 2% to a bounties program.

Signals Conclusion

Signals wants to democratize the world of algorithm trading by giving users access to a marketplace of signals and trading models. You can develop and sell your own trading signals on the marketplace.

Or, you can create your own trading model based on signals, then sell that on the platform. The platform revolves around the use of SGN tokens, which are on sale throughout November and December.

To learn more about Signals and how it works, visit today.

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