Today we are going to review a new cryptocurrency which has appeared on the market called SilverBit. If you want to know more about SilverBit, just read our review.

What Is Silverbit?

SilverBit is a new cryptocurrency whose goal is to become a very scarce and decentralized cryptocurrency which will not be controlled by any government. This cryptocurrency intends to do what the other cryptocurrencies are doing right now, but in a better way, focusing more on storing and creating wealth which will not suffer from inflation because of its scarcity.

Another feature that the company promises that will be a differential from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is that it will be faster and have lower transaction fees and zero storage cost. This way people will be able to send digital tokens all over the world without almost any cost at all which is not possible if you use banks.

Mainly, the goal of Silverbit is to help to empower people all over the world, especially the unbanked. With the creation of this cryptocurrency, the company intends to create a strong economy which will help these people.

The CEO of this company is Ricky Currie (which has years of experience), the CTO is Shohel Rahman (a blockchain expert) a and other key people of the staff are Yllza Canaj (marketing) and Sergio Gonzalez (community manager).

How Does Silverbit Digital Silver Cryptocurrency Work?

SilverBit will work like many other cryptocurrencies but with some small differences that the company hopes that will make it more successful. One of these differences is that only 7.5 million SilverBit tokens will be created, which will make the tokens more scarce and more valuable. Also, it will make their price less volatile, which is a problem for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

All of this combined with low fees and high speed will enable the price of the SilverBit tokens to skyrocket, the company believes. Silverbit will use masternodes powered by the Ethereum blockchain, a very stable and popular blockchain which will ensure that the token will have stability and be very profitable.

You will be able to use any Ethereum wallet to store the tokens of this company because they are ERC20 tokens.

How To Invest In SilverBit SLV ICO Details

If you are interested in making a profit by investing in SilverBit early, you can participate during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which the company has planned. The sale is currently during the first stage of the pre-sale, which will last until March 6. The price per token is 1 ETH for 1500 SilverBit tokens, but you will have a discount of 50% if you buy them during the pre-sale. The main sale will begin open March and it will last until April.

You will be able to use both BTC and ETH to pay for the SilverBit tokens. If you want to buy SilverBit tokens but you do not have one of these cryptocurrencies, be sure to exchange your money first.

After the ICO you will be able to buy tokens at the market price on Cryptopia,, TradeSatoshi, HitBTC

Silverbit Verdict

Are the SilverBit tokens a good investment? We have to look at the positive and negative points of SilverBit if we want to be sure. The most positive point of these tokens is their low supply of tokens. Some companies design tokens which have a billion tokens, so 7.5 million units is a very refreshing change from that and can be a very useful asset for you in the future if this coin survives.

The main negative point is all about survival. Will SilverBit survive? Aside from the low supply of tokens, this company does not have many interesting features, so there is a big chance that it will not be a good investment. You have to think very well before you can be sure if you are going to risk investing in this company or if you are going to prefer a more original cryptocurrency.

Because of this, take your time and read our blog often to know more about SilverBit and other cryptocurrencies. A good investor has to be patient because he only can make the best investments when he is well informed.

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