Ping An, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, announced this Friday its partnership with Singularity NET, a blockchain AI solutions provider. The partnership between the two companies is set to push Ping An towards a more AI and blockchain oriented system for commercial purposes which will be provided by Singularity NET.

This marked the second partnership that Singularity NET has secured during the Token 2049 conference held in Hong Kong on March 13th and 14th 2019. Hours earlier, the Singularity NET VP of Marketing had announced a strategic partnership with Nature 2.0, supported by Enexis Netbeheer. This partnership is to allow Nature 2.0 to benefit from the vast general artificial intelligence of Singularity NET and co-create innovative algorithms and solutions. The decentralized and open source nature of Singularity NET will boost the participation of Nature 2.0 according to the report.

Nature 2.0 Partners With Singularity NET

The lead developer of Nature 2.0 and Senior Business Developer at Enexis Netbeheer, Jan-Peter Doomernik, praised the partnership with Singularity NET during his address on the partnership. Nature 2.0 is a company focusing on building infrastructure and solutions pertaining to new technologies such as blockchain and AI. Jan showed his excitement at the partnership saying,

“We are excited to partner with the SingularityNet team and their decentralized community of Ai researchers and developers to explore alternatives beyond the paradigms of scarcity and profit-formulas. Within nature2.0 and their launching platforms of hackathons and innovation contests we focus on building commons and ecosystems towards abundance.”

The CEO and Chief scientist of Singularity NET, Dr. Ben Goertzel, further added the importance to optimize energy production, consumption and distribution as AI technologies take up a lot of energy. He further added that Singularity NET is focused on providing users with a decentralized platform to create and supply AI solutions. The artificial intelligence industry is heavily dominated by big firms at the moment which has discouraged most independent developers to get on board. Singularity NET leverages a decentralized AI network to provide an optimized AI infrastructure for all.

Dr. Ben Goertzel also praised the partnership with Nature 2.0 and Enexis Netbeheer saying it will allow both companies to reach the goal of affordable and sustainable energy across the globe. He further added,

This is the spirit in which we are now embarking on a new collaboration with Enexis Netbeheer’s Nature 2.0 initiative to apply our unique decentralized AI framework.

[…]Application of AI to energy infrastructure will lead to an AI-driven economy that is both more intelligent and friendlier to humans and the environment.

Singularity NET Partners With Ping An

The collaboration with Ping An is one of the largest ever completed by Singularity NET. Ping An ranks as one of the largest insurance companies in the world leveraging AI technologies in its operations. The partnership will aim at developing Ping An’s commercial operations on three key areas namely; Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Cross Validation (CV) and model training.

Speaking on the partnership, AI business director at Ping An said,

“Ping An Technology and SingularityNET have reached the intention to collaborate in the field of Artificial Intelligence, possible future directions for collaboration include (but are not limited to) OCR and model training.”

Ping An was ranked 10th on the Forbes 2018 global 2000 companies showing the strength of the most valuable insurance company in the world.

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