SingularityNET (AGI) & DeepBrain Chain (DBC) Team Up To Create Blockchain AI

A decentralized AI marketplace for AI services, SingularityNET has just partnered with DeepBrain Chain. This new partnership aims at making the future open and democratic by granting public access to artificial intelligence algorithms.

The goal of this new partnership is to evolve into a self-organized marketplace for AI agents to be able to trade values, organize, and communicate efficiently. The primary goal is to bring a decentralized AI ecosystem that results in general intelligence.

One of the most important keys to creating infallible AI models is data. With the merge of DeepBrain Chain and SingularityNET, a new marketplace has come forth that will be a decentralized platform for users to access an array of tools.

The best part about this merger is how the resources from both companies will be easily accessible on one platform. Whether it be algorithms or other data, users will be able to access the information through the use of AGI tokens.

Currently, AGI tokens, from SingularityNET, which is Ethereum-based is ranked 138 according to the market cap. The tokens are used for purchasing data and other AI-related tools found on the platform. They are also used as voting symbols on the SingularityNET system.

The merger of the two companies is striving to bring forth a new platform that inhibits the growth of significant tech firms taking center stage. After all, with the movie like Terminator where computers take over the world, there are some inhibitions about letting artificial intelligence run the show.

And where DeepBrain Chain has leveraged the power of its global blockchain to test new AI models, it has saved its participants up to 70% of computing resources. The merger between these two companies will no doubt be a prosperous endeavor as more systems like “Chief Humanoid Sophia” will be spawned. Only let's hope that those that follow Sophia won't have the programming to “destroy humans.”

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