SingularityNET and Entertech Collaborates to Revolutionize AI Neurotech

SingularityNET, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions provider, has announced a partnership with Entertech , a neuro-technology firm in China, to come up with a neuro-tech built on AI. Through the partnership, Entertech will bring its vast experience in neuro-technology research and development to create high quality consumer products.

Over the years, Entertech has accumulated massive EEG in applications touching on education, VR, health and many other areas. Singularity will then use AI to analyze this data which will help consumers understand and meditate better. Through the use of AI analytics, employees will help understand themselves better leading to improved job performance and increased productivity.

Entertech has tech products such mind-controlled racing cars, fatigue level detection mask and a meditation headband. Through this partnership, this electronic tech company hopes to develop more AI based products. Entertech hopes to bring the world a revolutionary meditation headband by the end of this year that will channel brain waves and heart rate sensors.

In recent times, individuals have embraced alternative stress relieving methods such as meditation and yoga. Tapping into this ever increasing market has made firms such as Entretech to research on the latest technology that can meet the demands of this market. Demand for AI products continues to grow as a result of this expanding target market.

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