The centralized crypto exchanges typically work under a third-party intermediary who facilitates the storage and transfer of the funds. Unfortunately, such a system has a myriad of challenges as the participants have no central control of the platform.

That is where the decentralized blockchain exchanges come in by eliminating the need for a central controlling server to facilitate the transactions. Consequently, this could have positive implications on how we get to trade cryptocurrency. Here's one such blockchain platform that aims to make a distinction in how we carry out crypto exchanges and minimize the high fees associated with centralized applications.

What Is Sint?

SINT is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange point that provides instant transactions for their users. The platform will act as a gateway to seamless exchanging of Fiat to cryptocurrency and vice versa. The goal with SINT is to allow for the flow of assets between the exchanges and investors and ultimately create a well-established cryptocurrency market. Users will get to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat within a brief time regardless of the amount of transaction.

Sint SIN Token ICO Details

Token Symbol: SIN
Token Sale Starts: May 1st, 2018
Token Sale Ends:  May 21st, 2018
Token Price: 1 ETH = 250,000 SIN
Total Supply: 10 Billion SIN
Token Standard: ERC20
Hard Cap: 8.2 Billion SIN

The SIN token will enlist it ICO as from May 1st -21st with the 1 ETH getting you 250 000 tokens. The supply will stand at 10 billion coins with any unsold coin will go into the burning process and a sale supply of 8.2 billion tokens available for purchase. However, the ICO has regulations on who can participate and has listed several countries as not eligible to participate in the ICO.

How Sint Global Cryptocurrency & Fiat Exchange Works

SINT users will first need a wallet that will hold the SINT token. Once with the portfolio, the investor can choose the cryptocurrency they want and specify their address to receive their cryptocurrency. From there they can deposit the fiat currency using the provided options within just one click. The result is that you get your cryptocurrency address funded and you can start the trading.

Sint Benefits

Here are the leading reasons on why you should use Sint:

  • Instant deposits and withdrawals-all the transactions regardless of the type of currency will happen without delays since there are no third-party institutions.
  • Low costs-at a 0.1% commission, SINT offers a flat charge fee, with the rate reaching 0% if the SINT token is in use.
  • Experience- the team behind the SINT venture are professionals with substantial technical expertise on the use of smart contracts and tokens.
  • 24/7 access-get access to unlimited access to trading and exchange options for both fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  • Stability –the decentralized nature of the SINT exchange allows for a seamless system that will work independently even if one part of the module fails, for continuity.
  • Referral and bounty programs-the referral program features a 10% bonus for each successful referral that invests. Additionally, the participant gets access to bounty programs.
  • Potential risks border on cryptocurrency regulation as evident with the number of banned participants

Sint Final Word

Unfortunately, SINT is not the first decentralized exchange in the scene as there already exist several ventures already attracting crypto enthusiasts with a goal to control their funds. However, the underlying fact is that SINT stands out from the rest since it receives backing by a recognized company hence improving the legitimacy of the exchange as a viable exchange platform.

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