Sintec PBB ICO

The aim of this project is to construct the first ever factory in Eurasia that can produce polymer bitumen binders at a rate of 150 000 tons annually. The investments in the early stages of the project come with a 100% profit guarantee. To ensure transparency, the developers of the project have chosen to gather investments via blockchain technology.

Post-ICO, any investor will be able to request all of their funds back. After the launch of the product, the company will start a token buyback program at a minimum of $1.6 million. At this point, each investor will be able to get a made product in lieu of the money they invested.

Understanding Polymer Bitumen Binders

These polymer composites are made from rubbers, fillers, and other types of modifiers of high molecular weight. The resulting product has various properties such as plasticity, use strength, heat resistant, water resistant, which are characteristics found in cross-linked polymers and other high molecular petroleum products.

Is there a Similar Product on the Market?

The molecular synthesis utilized in the product is already being used in the production of polymer bitumen binders. This technology has been around for quite some time now. However, this will be the first attempt at mass-producing of these products in the Russian Federation and even globally. By utilizing nanotechnology, they can guarantee the longevity and stability of their products.

How is This Product Used?

For Russia’ road construction sector, the technology is relatively new. It was first used in the Russian Federation about five years ago. However, it has continued to show consistent adoption and growth over the years.

By 2025, it is forecast that 500 thousand tons of PBB will be used annually in Russia. For instance, PBB has yet to be utilized in the Siberian Federal Districts because of various limitations. However, as improvements are made, its use in different climatic conditions could become much easier.

How Much is Needed and Why Not Use a Bank?

To launch a factory with a capacity of 150,000 tons annually, about $30 million dollars will be needed. The reason why the developers cannot go to the bank is that banks need collateral. Besides that, most banks will not provide investors with more than 3 billion rubles in funding.

Additionally, loans come with interest, which increases the costs and cuts cash flow. By using an ICO to get funding, it cuts down the pre-investment period. This will allow the developers to start working on the project almost immediately.

About the Sintec PBB ICO

The Sintec PBB ICO, which launches in about 7 days, will entail the sale of tokens dubbed STEC, which will be based on the Ethereum blockchain. This ICO will run at the cost of 1 STEC – 5 USD. You can also purchase these tokens in BTC and other crypto coins. The minimum you can invest is 5 USD.

For this project, the soft cap has been set at $16 million. The hard cap has been set at $30 million. 13.2 million Tokens will be made available. Of these tokens, 11 million will be sold at the ICO. The remaining 2.2 million is reserved for the developers of the project.

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