SIO Coin

What Is SIO Coin ICO?

SIO Coin’s ICO very closely resembles the structure of a traditional initial offering on the fiat stock market. Purchasers of this ICO will be buying shares in a company as it continues to attempt to gain traction, overcoming several obstacles on their way to the production of an actualized, physical product. This clearly sets the organization apart from many of the new ICOs in the cryptocurrency market.

While other ICOs offer investors the opportunity to monetize a blockchain-based technology, SIO coin’s offering to investors is participation in a physical business with monetized products. Through a complicated process, plants run by the SIO company will convert coal ash waste into three compounds: Iron oxide, Silicon dioxide, and Aluminium oxide.

Used for a variety of products, these compounds will then be distributed, and the profits from the sale will be divvied up among investors. Taking full advantage of the transparency provided by the blockchain and providing several unique opportunities for investors to insure and protect their investment, SIO provides token-holders with many of the rights allotted to legitimate shareholders in a corporation.

SIO Coin Products

The presence of massive amounts of raw material, the coal ash waste, means that SIO Coin will always have the initial means required for monetization. The end product of the complicated conversion process varies; everything from ceramics to solar batteries use the compounds manufactured by SIO. Though the company has not yet published a monetization plan outlining the target buyers of the products being manufactured.

SIO Silicon Dioxide Recycling Coal Ash Waste Blockchain Benefits

The hyper-specific nature of SIO’s ICO introduction provides several unique components of their service that investors should take heed of.

First, it is important to note that some semblance of insurance exists on the shares bought. SIO Coin ensures this by offering regular buybacks for “60% of profit” of the coins they are buying back. While this may not shield investors from losses, it can provide a quick way to recuperate some sunken funds following the initial investment.

During the ICO period, the company also offers a complete payback of funds to the investor. This is particularly important for those investors that anticipate they might get cold feet waiting years for the organization to secure physical roots in their place of business.

Curently, shares are priced during the pre-ICO at sixty cents per token. During the ICO, this price will rise to one dollar per share.

SIO Coin Conclusion

SIO Coin is one of the few new cryptocurrency ICOs that are linked to real-world, physical products to be bought and sold. Buying tokens in SIO Coin provides investors with a unique position in the crypto-investment world—the opportunity to become legitimate shareholders in a brick-and-mortar business.

Though significant parts of the business plan should be researched before an investor dives head-first into all that the company has to offer, it is clear that SIO coin provides a uniquely physical product, and a revolutionarily refreshing level of transparency to hopeful investors.

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