Sirin Finney and HTC Exodus Blockchain Smartphones Set to Release in 2018

Race To Year End Release Of Blockchain Smartphone

Concerning the new tech blockchain smartphones, manufacturing company HTC and the revered blockchain corporation Sirin have clearly laid claims that their products are one of the first, best and brightest within the industry. Sirin has labeled there’s as the first ever blockchain smartphone also called Finney while HTC describes theirs as the world's first significant blockchain phone commonly known as Exodus.

Although the two inventions aim to perform the same tasks, there are significant differences between the two products. One is making substantial strides into store shelves in a public way while the other’s journey is quite mysterious.

After successfully raising $158 million to its development, Sirin announced earlier this year that Foxconn would be in charge of production. Its official design was just revealed that has incredible features like the Safe-Screen. This feature will adequately ensure that all transactions are transferred to the right addresses. In addition to this astonishing feature, Finney is also described as having an internal cold storage wallet.

Unlike the transparency of Sirin, HTC has managed to be profoundly mysterious in their Exodus smartphone. This has developed extensive discussion amongst individuals within the blockchain industry. While there have only been a few details on their innovation, the company did provide a snippet of their plans in Hong Kong a few days ago. Just as significant as Sirin’s announcement, HTC provided an approximate timeline of the release date. However, there isn’t a specific date provided. Nonetheless, we have high hopes that the public might see the product on shelves by the end of the year.

Boasting as the leading innovator of smartphones, HTC has partnered with the Ethereum based game CryptoKitties that had a significant impact on the industry.

Although it’s too soon to tell what the future holds, it is quite clear that one company is much further along in its development than the other. The race is on as other firms like Embedded Downloads and blacture announce their blockchain smartphones.

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