Sirin Labs SRN ICO

What Is Finney?

From Sirin Labs, comes yet another marvel of technology- The Finney set of electronics. Finney is the world’s first Blockchain smartphone. Ranging from mobile phones to all-in-one computers, Finney has the electronic needs for a consumer who is into Blockchain and cares for his privacy. Sirin Labs has their own multitude of software programs that ensure consumer protection and seamless experience.

Sirin Labs have previously developed and sold the SOLARIN smartphone. Known for its ridiculously high price, the SOLARIN smartphone promised unparalleled security. But due to many small software issues, it was not a huge success. However, Sirin Labs claims that it was a success.

Finney’s Mission

Finney’s goal is to create the safest and secure ecosystem possible for the general consumer. They want to create safe smartphones and computers that are integrated with Blockchain. Finney is the world’s first line of Blockchain smartphones and all-in-one computer.

Finney Products

Sirin Labs have two products currently in development. The Finney Smartphone and the Finney PC.

The Finney Smartphone will feature a 5.2 QHD display, 256GB of internal memory storage, 8GB of RAM, a 16 MP camera and another 12 MP wide-angle selfie camera. It will be powered by the Shield OS. This will allow secure P2P resource sharing, built-in “cold storage” crypto wallet, and a decentralized network storage system. The Sirin Labs Cyber Protection Suite enable the ultimate security in a smartphone. It will have a behavioral based Intrusion Prevention System, a physical security switch for wallet protection, secure communications and a Three Factor Authentication System. The Finney Smartphone’s estimated price is around $1000.

The Finney PC will feature services similar to the Finney Smartphone. Its technology Specifications are also very similar to the Finney Smartphone. Additional computational power may be added by the Sirin Labs P2P resource sharing protocol or using a cloud based service. The estimated price of the Finney PC is $800.

Sirin Labs plans to launch the Finney devices and the Shield OS in early 2019.

Allocation Budget For Finney

The allocation of funds from the token sale are listed below:

  • 40% of the total number of SRN tokens will be directed to contributors during the token sale.
  • 35% of the tokens will go to further development of Sirin Labs.
  • 10% of the total number of SRN tokens will be allocated to OEM’s, Shield OS™ implementation, SDK developers and rebate of sold devices.
  • 10% of the SRN tokens will be allocated to the team and will eventually be used over a 12-months period.
  • 5% of the total number of SRN tokens will be allocated to bounties and professional fees.

Details Of ICO

The token sale will start on the 13th of December, 2017. It will end on the 27th of December, 2017. The token for sale is called the Sirin Labs Token (SNT). Sirin Labs have not set an investment limit. They have set a 14-day limit on the sale. This token will be used to process P2P sharing and other communications made by the devices. For more details visit

Finney Conclusion

The Finney Smartphone is a very promising piece of technology for both the enthusiasts in the Crypto-verse, and consumers who value privacy over anything else. It may even revolutionize the way we think about security in a Smartphone.

I’m afraid, the same thing cannot be said for the Finney PC. It does not offer anything that the Finney Smartphone cannot. Plus, the Finney Smartphone is portable, whereas the PC is not. If Sirin Labs wants the Finney PC to be a success, they will have to substantially increase the specifications of their Finney PC.

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