SISA, short for Strategic Investments in Significant Areas, is a cryptocurrency-based mutual fund currently in plans to launch a crowdfunding ICO to attract investors. This so-called “democratic pool fund” will be used to invest in a number of traditional and cryptocurrency-based investment opportunities, with a stated interest in emerging infrastructure and technology markets in the Asia-Pacific sector.

What Is SISA?

SISA was founded by Immanuel Bratley Wycliffe and Sunil Anthony, both of whom are Indian executives and blockchain enthusiasts. While the SISA site links directly to the LinkedIn profiles for both individuals, neither profile has SISA listed on it.

There’s precious little other information provided by SISA. Several members of its development team are also listed on the site, but there is no way to contact the company besides electronically – there is no office address. We assume the company is based in India, as the majority of its team are Indian and the stated intent of SISA is to invest in Asia-Pacific endeavors. This would include regions such as India.


SISA has plans to provide access to its democratic pool fund through blockchain technology. It will offer SISA Tokens, with each token entitling the holder to a proportional share of the profits of the mutual fund. Dividends are to be disbursed quarterly, with 70% of the profit being distributed to investors and the remaining being reinvested or banked as an investment floor.

The SISA Token is built on the Ethereum network, and purchasing the token during the pre-sale and ICO will be done through Ethereum. The price per ETH will be variable, with a focus on providing price discounts to early adopters in the following manner:

  • Pre-Sale: 2677.50 SISA Tokens per 1 ETH
  • ICO Day 1: 2231.25 SISA Tokens per 1 ETH
  • ICO Days 2-7: 2052.75 SISA Tokens per 1 ETH
  • ICO Week 2: 1963.50 SISA Tokens per 1 ETH
  • ICO Week 3: 1874.25 SISA Tokens per 1 ETH
  • ICO Week 4: 1875.00 SISA Tokens per 1 ETH

While the SISA Facebook page claims that the ICO pre-sale is already underway and has been since October 20 2017, there doesn’t seem to be any way to purchase the tokens through the SISA website, even when following the link expressly provided by the company’s Facebook page for the token sale.

SISA Financial Opportunity

SISA represents a straightforward investment opportunity in the same way a traditional mutual fund represents: an avenue to reap the rewards of collective investment. The difference with SISA, of course, is that it uses blockchain technology to manage revenue sharing and dividend payout.

As SISA will be listed on external exchanges, the opportunity for speculative investment is there as well. However, with SISA Tokens directly tied to revenue share in the controlling mutual fund, this may discourage speculation and instead inspire token holders to maintain their investment and reap quarterly dividends instead.

SISA Conclusion

Right now, there doesn’t seem any way to actually invest in the SISA Token ICO. This is unfortunate, because a cryptocurrency-managed mutual fund does have many possibilities to provide investment opportunities to individuals interested in such an financial instrument. The stated intent of investing in projects in the Asia-Pacific sector is also another draw, as this region is growing rapidly and provides many opportunities for investment as well.

On the other hand, SISA is a completely untested and brand-new endeavor, and its development team doesn’t seem to have much in the way of a reputation yet. This makes investment in the project rather high risk, even for ICOs – which are inherently high risk by default. This makes us reticent to give SISA a chance.

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