SISHUB: Making Data Sharing Safer Using Blockchain Technology

The information security of states, organizations, and even individuals is an essential part of our everyday lives. However, recent hacker attacks have been more sophisticated and frequent. The techniques have become harder to figure out and the vector of attacks has increased. Attackers study their potential victims in order to better adapt their attack strategies to achieve the maximum possible results. SISHUB is set to change this scenario.

SISHUB As The Solution

The SISHUB is developing an anonymous messenger and decentralized system for sharing data using blockchain technologies. The platform, for now, is coming up with an anonymous messenger, an anonymous self-organizing distributed network, a cryptocurrency wallet, an adaptive data transmission protection system, and a decentralized server-less file sharing network.

This platform is for the public globally and it will reduce the cost of using data solutions. The platform will further make the user anonymous and protect the transfer of his personal data. Once a user becomes part of the system so long as they have a smartphone and an internet connection they will be able to participate in the global marketplace.

SISHUB Security Intelligent Systems Features

The features of this platform include:

  • Anonymous messenger
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Anonymous self-organizing distributed network
  • Adaptive data transmission protection system
  • Tunnel monitoring system
  • Decentralized server-less file sharing network

The SIM messenger main features are the server-less data transfer and the integrated crypto wallet. The SIM messenger is decentralized and blockchain based. It uses its own developed triple encryption that is based on AES, CBC, DSA, HMAC, and sha-2 hashing. It also uses complicated identifiers and tunnels instead of the users IP-addresses. With SIM messenger, the danger of personal data or chat history being used by hackers is minimized.

With SIM messenger, your mobile device becomes anonymous not only in terms of the messenger but anonymous in terms of self-organizing distributed network enabling, adaptive data transmission protective system, decentralized server-less file sharing network, crypto-currency wallet, and tunnel monitoring system.

The system will also have a personal data protection system. This product encrypts the network and the data inside its system. The token is also used as a key for decrypting data. Users can safely transfer files without the fear of hacking or the interception of data during information transfer. Cybercriminals even having intercepted files from the network cannot open them since the token will be the key. The token can only be acquired if it is transferred to the user.

Another product will be the decentralized antivirus software. This flexible adaptive protection system identifies viruses from non-public databases. It also seeks and corrects security settings shortcomings and corrects all the deficiencies in the protection system.

SISHUB STL Token ICO Details

The STL token will be based on the Ethereum platform. This is because Ethereum is easily compatible with third-party services wallets and exchanges and it provides an easy to use integration. The token sale will start on 9th may and end on 9th June 2018. The number of tokens available for sale is 500,000,000 STL tokens which represent 1.5% of the total supplied tokens. Accepted payment currency is Ethereum. The minimum amount each investor can invest in the token sale is 1 Ethereum. The exchange rate of the token is 500,000 STL=1 ETH

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