What Is SkillChain?

Skillchain is a blockchain-based platform in which universities, recruiting companies, and non-academic training companies can meet to certify and guarantee a person’s skills in a permanent way. It validates a candidate’s college degree, their past jobs, whether they have real recommendations, their skills, and non-formal courses they might have undertaken.

The platform aims at solving the problem of companies spending millions to find the best employees without the certainty of whether the applicants are experienced or not, or whether the degrees, professional trainings, and courses listed on their resumes are valid. It guarantees that every resume on the platform is 100% verified and that candidates companies will hire from the platform are best suited for the job.

Besides, it aims at reducing the time and money universities spend in verifying alumni’s study paths and degrees for companies. Another objective of the platform is to ensure that there are level opportunities for all and that everyone is evaluated according to their talents and experience not just by their connections or false recommendations on their resume.

Through the platform, verification of non-formal educations and training certification will be possible, which will improve the standard of excellence in the non-formal education world.

How SkillChain Blockchain Certified Skills Protocol Works

Skillchain uses SKI as its token. The token is ERC20 based and is the access tool to the services that the platform seeks to offer. Through continuous usage of the platform users can accumulate tokens, which they can use to access special features and increase their engagement. The platform also allows the transfer of the tokens to external personal portfolios.

Also through the SKI tokens, users can be able to purchase products from all education and training partners on the platform. The users of the platform can use the tokens to purchase premium services. For example, when a recruiting company uses the premium services the recruiting process is optimized and has access to all research dynamics of the candidates.

A candidate can also gain SKI tokens when their Life Skill Passport becomes of interest to companies that might be looking for certified profile. A Life Skill Passport can be defined as a global market standard for the certification of skills, work experience, and training courses on the blockchain. It enables users be able to purchase content on the platform and makes them easily found by recruiters.

SkillChain Benefits


The platform uses blockchain technology, which ensures that the information on the blockchain can be verified by anyone who has access to it and thus leading to transparency. The technology also ensures that the process of accessing and storing data is faster and of high performance. It also ensures that the data on the platform cannot be hacked or faked.


Using a controlled reference process, the information on the platform is guaranteed to be reliable, as only data that is certified will be released to recruiters.


Skillchain leads to a tokenized career ecosystem, which enables students and workers to monetize through the SKI tokens, as they own their work and education history, their skills, data and their Life Skill Passport.

Smart Contracts:

Through the smart contract that Skillchain adopts, unnecessary intermediaries are eliminated.

Protection And Monitoring Of Data:

To monitor and protect data in a decentralized way, Skillchain acts as an intermediary for users by storing and processing data through another user’s server.

SkillChain SKI Token ICO Details

SkillChain is holding an ICO for their SKI token.


  • Token name: SKI
  • Token type: ERC20


  • Starts: 04/06/18
  • Ends: 04/26/18 (or whenever cap is reached)
  • Caps: 3,000 ETH


  • Starts: 05/11/18
  • Ends: 05/26/18 (or whenever cap is reached)
  • Caps: 11,000 ETH
  • Max token supply: 190,800,000 SKI

Allocation Of Funds

  • Company Reserve: 35%
  • ICO: 35%
  • Team: 10%
  • Bounty & Airdrop: 10%
  • Advisors: 5%
  • Skillchain: 5%

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