SkyCoin Team Releases Rumor Updates, Addresses Selloff & Stolen Tokens

The Skycoin team claims that many factors contributed towards the uneasiness experienced.  According to the team, the Skycoin China Marketing team, referred to as “EVOLAB”, was recently caught stealing approximately 100,000 skycoins. The theft supposedly took place over “the past half year”.

Since the team failed to show what happened to the stolen coins, the entire EVOLAB was dismissed and any associated ties were immediately cut. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t stop there, as Skycoin’s CEO, Synth and his wife were “threatened, beat and robbed”.

The robbery took place on June 13, 2018 and is said to have been led by the marketing team members, Sam Sing Fong, Mary Li, Xiangdong Yan, and Jesse Sun Fei. The Skycoin team also added the thieves held Synth and his wife against their will for 6 hours.

As for the amount stolen, Skycoin was able to trace back to the transaction, and it appears that 6466 SKYs were transferred, which is equivalent to approximately 18.88 bitcoins.

The team specified that the thieves,

“attempted and failed to steal the design framework for the skycoin ecosystem.”

Due to this unforeseen event, current skycoin holders will have their assets frozen as an attempt to carry on with the investigation.

The team also plans to set up a voting for community members to further discuss, “the future use of this function [temporary black-listing function],” which was used as a way to protect token holders.

The Skycoin team has currently created new social media platforms due to EVOLAB’s previous involvement in them. This is an interesting statement, as not too long ago, an individual took to Twitter to expose an audio file of Synth claiming that there was insider trading along with inappropriate discussions that took place within the Skycoin Telegram.

Whether the two events are linked in any way was not discussed by the Skycoin team, but with the on-going changes they are making to their social media accounts, it could be a possibility.

Here are a list of official channels skycoin holders and followers can trust:

  • Skycoin Global Community Telegram:
  • Skycoin China Community Telegram:
  • Skycoin China Community WeChat account: skycoin-china
  • Skycoin China Community WeChat public account: skycoin666

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