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SKYFchain is a new blockchain company that will operate as one of the first business to robot (B2R) platforms. This company is having an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and it is completely compliant with the rules determined by the US SEC.

The company intends to help in the creation of an industry in which unmanned logistics will eliminate most of the labor costs in the market and save a lot of money for the companies.

This company is a spin-off of SKYF, which is the first cargo robot manufacturer in the world.

How Does SKYFchain Work?

This B2R operating platform intends to create an ecosystem that can put together operations, autonomous vehicles, financing, compliance and support.

Basically, this platform intends to put together in a single platform the providers and the clients of logistics and transportation processes, the manufacturers and service providers of trucks and drones, financing made by robots and State authorities. The platform is all about integration and using the same language to unite all these processes.

All the transactions on the platform will be made via SKYFT tokens and every action that you make on the platform will require tokens. If the user does not have tokens, it can use fiat currency and the system will solve the problem by The transactions will all be made via smart contracts, which means that they will be secure and immutable.

The company has already worked with drones and other types of automated vehicles and its main goal is the creation and union of this whole ecosystem, which will take its products and create a whole structure around them to make a better service.

The SKYFchain SKYFT Token Sale

SKYFT tokens, the currency that will be used on the platform, will be sold in an ICO. The sale is happening right now and the minimum token purchase is 3,000 SKYFT tokens. The price of the tokens will keep rising until it reaches 0.065 USD per token.

The fixed supply of tokens will be 1,200,000,000 SKYFT tokens. A total of 44% of the tokens will be sold during the ICO, while 15% will be the network development fund and 10% the community development fund. 9.5% of the tokens will way on the reserve and 1.5% on the bounty fund. 20% will be given to the team.

The SKYFT tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain and use the ERC20 standard. They are also fully compliant with legislation for US investors.

The SKYFchain Team

The team behind this company is made of people who are experts in robotics, blockchain and logistics. The CEO of the company is Alexander Timofeev, Maxim Khabur is the CMO, Nikolay Kovshov is the Lead IT developer.

Other important members of this team are Dmitry Arsentyev (drone development), Valery Krivenko (IR), Matar Sabirov (autopilot design), Tarian Kornilov (law partner), Olga Budnik (Public Relations), Nail Zinnurov (drone design), Katya Bublik (head of digital marketing), Sergey Shilin (software engineer) and Alexander Malikov (software engineer).

The main advisors of the company are Michael Terpin, Alexey Arkhipov, Alexander Ivanov and Igor Karavaev.

The SKYFchain Conclusion

It is very easy to perceive how strong this company is. The company is already huge and is creating something quite innovative. Because of this, SKYFchain has all the signs of a great investment that you do it early to reap excellent profits later.

The company has good partnerships with big companies and most of the ratings are rating it very well, so do not lose your chance of investing in this company.

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