Slate Entertainment Group (SEG) To Create Blockchain BVOD Service, SLATIX Ticketing System

Slate Platform Aims To Revolutionize the Entertainment Industry Using Blockchain Technology

During the last two decades technology has completely changed the way in which the entertainment industry worked. Different companies like Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO and Netflix, have been shaping the new societies. Indeed, cable TV is nowadays almost obsolete.

With 3G and 4G technologies smartphone and tablet users were able to access any content desired at any moment they wanted. No TV show was able to compete against this technological improvement. But something new may be ready to enter the market and change the way in which we interact with content. The most interesting fact is that it will be powered by blockchain technology.

Binge Media and Slatix Solutions are ready to develop a decentralized video-on-demand services. This will feature a multi-layered network made of Binge (the BVOD service), a masternode network, and go-to mobile app SLATIX for ticketing and entertainment.

Binge will use a distributed ledger so as to introduce decentralized video-on-demand streaming. This will ensure behavioral analytics and sharing transparency. Moreover, the platform will be leveraging properties pertaining to Blockchain technology.

One of the main purposes is to guarantee equitable sharing between content providers and creators, as well as valuable analytics to help creators make better content. Binge wants to become the world’s first commercial platform using distributed ledger technology to provide scalable and affordable VOD.

Slate token holders will be able to become exclusive platform members with access to real time payments, no geolocation restrictions, affordable pay-per-view and other interesting features. On Slate, all issued tickets are forgery resistant, immutable, and instantly transferable.

HitBTC Partnership With Slate Entertainment Group

The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange known as HitBTC has decided to partner with Slate so as to list SLX token on their platform. The Information has been released by Slate on its blog on May the 24th.

The post reads as follows:

“Slate Entertainment Group (SEG) is delighted to announce that HitBTC will list SLATE currency (SLX). HitBTC will host SLX with trading pairs against Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT).”

HitBTC is currently the 8th most important cryptocurrency exchange in the world with $274 million dollars of trading volume in the last 24 hours. It currently features more than 650 different tokens and virtual currencies.

Back in May, SEG was able to attend the Cannes Film Festival where it was able to call the attention of many industry leaders that were delighted with the unique approach of the company.

Slate was able to acquire a crypto-related documentary that was titled ‘Beyond Bitcoin.’ Additionally, the Spanish film festival SIFF has joined the mission being one of the first entities to adopt the tokenized ticketing app and sell tickets in SLX tokens.

The Slate pre-sale ends on June the 9th and the soft cap is $20 million dollars. There is a currently 45% discount for buying SLX coins.

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