The challenge of content monetization is probably one of the major flaws in our existing content industry. With the whole ecosystem existing in a highly fragmented state, content creators are often left to rely on third-party platforms or independently meet the high cost of content distribution. However, the Ethereum blockchain is presenting one of the most sophisticated technology to give a perfect solution for our content creation. Here one solution that could finally help content creators to earn from their creativity.

What Is SleekPlay?

SleekPlay is a Cryptonote blockchain platform that will provide an avenue for content creators and service providers to earn from their creative works through their apps.  The platform will provide the user with content driven applications from where they can consume, distribute and monetize content. Additionally, SleekPlay will utilize blockchain computing to create their cryptocurrency (SKP) from which users can earn as incentives or rewards for their contribution to creating a stream of income for the developers.

SleekPlay Features

To achieve the process of content monetization, SleekPlay will accommodate the following features:

  • The SleekPlay token that allows for content monetization. It also acts as a utility coin for a variety of uses within the ecosystem
  • An exchange platform from where users get to trade cryptocurrency, SKP and fiat currency
  • Peer-to-peer transactions are done through SKP
  • A payment portal from which the developer can reward viewers of their content
  • Accessibility through mobile devices
  • A content portal for the viewers that features games, apps, and services

How SleekPlay Blockchain Content Monetization Works

SleekPlay unique solution intends to harness the power of blockchain technology, and this could have a rewarding impact for several of the content industry participants and other users. Here's how…

  • No ad interruption within the content which is an advantage to the user
  • Better revenue generation for the content creators
  • More user engagement due to the use of incentives and rewards
  • Revenue streams for both the content creators, viewers, and application developers
  • Better experiences and quality of content within the industry

SleekPlay SKP Token ICO Details

The Initial stage of the ICO is already underway with the commencement starting on April 1, 2018. The phase is set only for private investors with a minimum of 15 ETH as contributions even though the SKP rate is only $0.002.

The second pre-ICO will start on May 14, 2018, and expects to have a token price of $0.006 per SKP. The basic contribution per investor will stand at 0.1 ETH with a hard cap of 2000 ETH in projection. The main ICO is set for June 2018 although confirmation is yet to happen on the official dates.

  • Maximum for pre-ICO 3,500,000,000 SKP (54%)
  • Pre-ICO price $0.01 per coin
  • Soft cap-$7,500,000.00
  • Maximum for pre-ICO 800,000,000 SKP (12.5%)
  • Pre-ICO price $0.008 per coin
  • Soft cap $1,500,000.00

Token Distribution

  • Bounty Program-1%
  • Advisory-4%
  • Private Round -6%
  • Pre-Sale-16%
  • Team-12%
  • Main ICO-54%
  • Marketting-7%

SleekPlay Conclusion

In a nutshell, the overall concept behind SleekPlay looks solid and it could have the capabilities to disrupt the multi-billion dollar content industry. Their development team looks both experienced and knowledgeable on where next to take the project. In conclusion, SleekPlay is a good option to get on board if you are in search of a platform that has potential value to bring value to your content.

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