Slice ICO Review

What Is Slice Market?

Billing themselves as “real estate investing for the 21st century,” the Slice team are soon launching an ICO to spread the new model they epitomize. Centered on facilitating small and large property investors by employing cryptocurrency transactions and easy liquidity on investors’ property holdings, the company is bringing blockchain savvy to the property investment arena.

Most notably, the company is breaking down barriers and enabling investors to buy confidently into commercial American properties from anywhere in the world. With a global reach, assisted and “Flexible Investing Through Cryptocurrency”, Slice seeks to carry the stability and strength of the American realty market online and into the cryptocurrency arena.

The company is registering interested users at this stage, prior to launching the ICO, and interested parties can sign up on their website in order to get in early on the company’s offer.

One big benefit of the company’s approach is that lockdown periods for property investments are now a thing of the past, and users can enjoy withdrawing invested funds at any point while benefiting from rental payments on any commercial properties in which they have a stake.

What Issues Will Slice Market Address For Users?

Property investment has historically precluded partial or fractional participation. An investor had to buy property wholesale in order simply to get onto the first rungs of the ladder. This precluded the vast majority of people who lacked the lump sums needed to start buying property.

Additionally, existing real estate platforms remain open solely to “accredited” investors. Accessing other countries’ realty opportunities is often still a pastime for the very wealthy and mobile only. Associated legal and transfer fees further prevented many from contemplating property investment.

The Slice Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Cryptocurrency Solution

The Slice platform enables previously disadvantaged global investors who have been precluded from participation due to local market nuances and the difficulties associated with investing in property elsewhere in the world.

No more old boys club in property investing – now anyone can buy into property as extensively or as minimally as they wish, employing cryptocurrency as the means of exchange. The high fees of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) funds and the often mandatory trading accounts associated with property investment are now capably voided by the Slice offer.

In employing blockchain technology in the real estate investment space, Slice enables investors of any size to buy into American properties that appeal to them as stores of value. With a minimum investment of $100, a new vista of profiting from the asset class opens up for millions of investors. Through users’ buy in, realtors are enabled and share the dividends of property investing. Slice is the only “cryptocurrency real estate fractional ownership platform,” according to the company website.

Slice offers a choice of three investment approaches – conservative, medium, or aggressive – and then rewards users with quarterly dividends based on rentals and increasing property values. The one dubious point the company makes is about the “token value [increasing] with the property value,” that, while logical, involves a fair amount of speculation, looking at the persistent volatility of digital coins overall. Tokens can be traded or liquidated at any point as some slight hedge against this aspect of the business rationale.

Who Is Behind Slice Market?

The core Slice team members include Ari Shpanya, Yev Spektor, Tomer Ravid and Roey Brecher. Other team members are Henty Elder, Paul Monson, Ismael Malik, Omri Barzilay, Eyal Hertzog, James Alexander, Omer Rabin, Guy Zyskind and Brit Yonge. All have years of business experience and a diverse and extensive talent pool from within the real estate industry is also apparent from a perusal of the team.

The company has primary focus and a potentially valuable, logical rollout in mind as is clear from reading the available intel. Technical developers are also on board to ensure a trouble-free ICO and the ICO itself comes from the stable of industry sectors with existing, known value. The Slice opportunity can be seen as less a novel startup and more a shift in the way property investing is done, a logical blockchain extension of business as usual, with new benefits for millions who previously would have stared at the realty space from afar.

Slice Market Conclusion

The Slice offer, once launched as an ICO in the coming months of 2018, should have wide appeal to many who understand the value of property investments yet have lacked the means to get onto that ladder in times past. Millennials too are likely to invest via Slice in property, if they invest in the asset class at all, wary as they typically are of traditional investment vehicles.

The liquidity offered through the use of cryptocurrencies and the overall business structure of the company will appeal to many users too. Since the ICO is still due to launch, any investor looking for a good property gateway would do well to register interest in the interim on Slice’s home page. Coming from a well established and well funded arena, Slice has tweaked property investment to enable a high-volume-low-barrier pitch to every man and with sound fundamentals and ambitious goals. Backed by a solid team, this could be one to get into even prior to the launch of the Slice ICO.

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