On Slogn, you will be accessing one of the top open source platforms concerned with decentralized logistics by utilizing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Slogn innovation brings to reality the need to enhance the industry of logistics globally using the most updated technology. The company was launched on the basis of innovation in the sector by the leading and seasoned experts in the trucking industry.

The end result is the much-needed sanity in the logistics industry, which can be associated with efficiency, transparency, and speed. Slogn provides you with a platform that you can effortlessly access, utilize, and contribute to. The company can be summarized as a platform that represents a combination of a marketplace and a top drawer open source platform that offers you the following:

  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Multilayered node software
  • Contracts wizard (visual smart logistics)
  • Public blockchain
  • On the go artificial intelligence

The company utilizes a strict approach to software development standards to ensure its clients continue to receive the best innovations. With a domain driven framework, the company is able to facilitate collaborations between key industry players and technology developers with the aim of enhancing efficiency in the industry through technology. By also adopting frameworks like micro-services, CQRS, and event sourcing, Slogn is able to exploit the most modern, robust, and efficient technology to great effect.

Slogn is a valuable asset in the logistics industry due to its ability to provide problem-solving solutions to a broad range of real-life scenarios. You will be stunned by the scenarios that the company simplifies. The company uses top notch technology to simplify the most common and problematic scenarios that you thought were too entrenched in the system to even stand a chance of being fixed. Some of these scenarios are:

  • Pay additions
  • Truck rentals
  • Carrier verifications
  • Double brokerage
  • Fuel advance
  • Instant pay
  • Freight damage claims
  • Layover pay

Why Slogn?


Through the company’s comprehensive structure that houses the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other top-notch technology, the efficiency of the services offered is ultimate.

Economy Of Scale

Slogn is highly networked and has a broad range of services that can satisfy all your logistics needs. You can thus take advantage of their large operation scale and benefit from their discounts, among other benefits.

Higher Liquidity And Instant Settlements

The company has revolutionized the way claims or settlements are made. Unlike in the past, the company employs a more transparent and instant settlement approach through its blockchain.

Transparency And Security

The company utilizes its technology to offer you the best deal in terms of security and transparency. By accessing Slogn, you will learn more about the smart contracts that will inspire you to build confidence and trust in the company’s capacity to guarantee a transparent service.

Automation And Optimization

Through its top-of-the-range artificial intelligence, the company is able to handle the ever changing dynamics and calculations in the industry. With increased automation and optimization in all the businesses related to the company, you can only enjoy the best services.

Slogn Benefits

  • Slogn coin to access a number of privileges like fuel and service discounts
  • The coin can also assist you to seamlessly access the Slogn platform to share resources and pick orders.
  • Connects you to key players in logistics across the globe
  • Transparent transactions
  • Cost effective transactions

Slogn Conclusion

Access Slogn to enjoy one of the most advanced service delivery platforms. With its user-friendly interfaces, you will enjoy easy access to a number of real-life solutions that you have been looking for.

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